Many people have contributed to make the Victoria Research Web come together, and I would like to proffer my first thanks to the subscribers, past and present, of VICTORIA: The Electronic Conference for Victorian Studies, for their generosity, erudition, and unfailing good humor. Special thanks also to Professor M. Jeanne Peterson for her aid and encouragement; to Jian Liu of Indiana University Libraries, Bloomington, for making the searchable archives a reality; to Gail LaMoreaux-McElhany, formerly of IULB, for her gifted design help; to Dr. Harris Berger for tips in a pinch; to Jeremy G. Butler for his shining example; and to Sherrill Weaver for her steadfast support. I am grateful, too, to all those generous researchers who have chosen to make their own reference works available on the VRW site, among them Eileen Curran, Rosemary VanArsdel, George H. Thomson, John Theakstone, Ben Haines, and Sally Mitchell.