At the Circulating Library Author Information: Edith Jemina Simcox

Author: Edith Jemina Simcox (1844–1901)

Alternate Name(s): H. Lawrenny (pseudonym)

Biography: Edith Jemina Simcox was born in 1844 in London, the daughter of George Augustus Simcox and Jemina Haslope. Her older brothers were classical scholar George Augustus Simcox and biographer William Henry Simcox. From an early age, she turned attention to literature, especially in service of radical causes. She would, in time, attend trade union conferences, serve on the London school board, and advocate for women's suffrage. As a journalist, she contributed to the leading journals of the day primarily as an essayist and book reviewer. In 1872, she met George Eliot and became an ardent admirer of the older novelist. For eight years, Simcox put her radical ideals into practice by co-founding a co-operative shirtmaking company. She published three books, including one work of the fiction, the collection of stories Episodes in the Lives of Men, Women, and Lovers (1882). She never married and died in 1901.


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Fiction Titles:

  1. Episodes in the Lives of Men, Women and Lovers.  1 vol.  London: Trübner, 1882.