At the Circulating Library Author Information: Margaret Murray Robertson

Author: Margaret Murray Robertson (1823–1897)

Biography: Author and educator.


References: DCB

Fiction Titles:

  1. Christie Redfern's Troubles.  1 vol.  London: R. T. S., 1866.
  2. The Orphans of Glen Elder: A Tale of Scottish Life.  1 vol.  London: R. T. S., 1868.
  3. Shenac's Work at Home: A Story of Canadian Life.  1 vol.  London: R. T. S., 1868.
  4. Little Serena in a Strange Land.  1 vol.  London: R. T. S., 1870.
  5. The Bairns: or, Janet's Love and Service. A Story from Canada.  1 vol.  London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1870.