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Author: George Cupples (1822–1891)

Biography: George Cupples was born in 1822 at Legerwood manse, Berwickshire, son of Free church minister George Cupples (1786–1850). He was educated at Stirling and apprenticed to a Liverpool shipowner. After an eighteen-month voyage to India his indentures were cancelled and he studied divinity at Edinburgh University. In 1858 he married Anne Jane Douglas (1839–1898), daughter of Archibald Douglas of the general post office in Edinburgh and herself the author of fifty books for children. George Cupples wrote dozens of nautical novels, such as The Green Hand: A Sea Story (1856), The Two Frigates: or, Captain Bisset's Legacy (1859), and Captain Herbert: A Sea Story (1864). In addition, Cupples produced 254 tales and articles for Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, Blackwood's Magazine, Fraser's Magazine, Macmillan's Magazine, and others. Near the end of his life, his literary friends presented Cupples with an annuity bond of £30. He died in 1891 at the Admiralty House, Newhaven.

References: Boase

Fiction Titles:

  1. Captain Herbert: A Sea Story.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall, 1864.