Periodical Information At the Circulating Library

Periodical: Tinsley's Magazine

History: Published monthly, price 1s. Edited by Edmund Yates (1867–69). See entry in Sutherland.

References: DNCJ; Sutherland; Sue Thomas, Indexes to Fiction in Tinsley's Magazine, later The Novel Review (1867-1892) (University of Queensland, 1981)

Novels and short stories serialized in Tinsley's Magazine:

  1. William Howard Russell. The Adventures of Doctor Brady. August 1867-July 1868 (monthly).
  2. Edmund Hodgson Yates. The Rock Ahead. August 1867-October 1868 (monthly).
  3. George Alfred Lawrence. Breaking a Butterfly. August 1868-August 1869 (monthly).
  4. Frances Cashel Hoey. A House of Cards. March 1868-February 1869 (monthly).
  5. Charlotte Elizabeth Riddell. Austin Friars. April 1869-August 1870 (monthly).
  6. Ellen Wood. George Canterbury's Will. April 1869-May 1870 (monthly).
  7. William Black. The Monarch of Mincing Lane. May 1870-April 1871 (monthly).
  8. Benjamin Leopold Farjeon. Joshua Marvel. June 1870-September 1871 (monthly).
  9. James Grant. Under the Red Dragon. October 1871-August 1872 (monthly).
  10. Charlotte Elizabeth Riddell. Home Sweet Home. September 1871-June 1873 (monthly).
  11. Benjamin Leopold Farjeon. London's Heart. February 1872-May 1873 (monthly).
  12. Thomas Hardy. A Pair of Blue Eyes. September 1872-July 1873 (monthly).
  13. BTAO "Blanche Seymour". Laura Eyle. August-December 1873 (monthly).
  14. Benjamin Leopold Farjeon. Jessie Trim. January-December 1874 (monthly).
  15. Justin McCarthy. Linley Rochford. January-December 1874 (monthly).
  16. James Grant. Fairer Than a Fairy. January-December 1874 (monthly).
  17. Rosa Nouchette Carey. Wooed and Married. January-December 1875 (monthly).
  18. William Morley Farrow. Honours Divided. January-December 1875 (monthly).
  19. Walter Besant. With Harp and Crown. January-December 1875 (monthly).
  20. Benjamin Leopold Farjeon. Love's Victory. January-June 1875 (monthly).
  21. Florence Marryat. "A Star and a Heart." Hidden Chains. August-December 1875 (monthly).
  22. Frank Barrett. Maggie. March-December 1876 (monthly).
  23. Benjamin Leopold Farjeon. The Duchess of Rosemary Lane. January-December 1876 (monthly).
  24. James Grant. Did She Love Him?. January-December 1876 (monthly).
  25. Frank Barrett. Two Knaves and a Queen. March-December 1877 (monthly).
  26. Mrs. Alexander Fraser. A Maddening Blow. July-December 1877 (monthly).
  27. Duke de Medina Pomar. A Secret Marriage and Its Consequences. February-December 1878 (monthly).
  28. James Grant. Vere of Ours, the Eighth or King's. January-October 1878 (monthly).
  29. Bertha Henry Buxton. Nell--On and Off the Stage. May 1879-January 1880 (monthly).
  30. Richard Dowling. The Weird Sisters. July 1879-February 1880 (monthly).
  31. Bertha Henry Buxton. Sceptre and Ring. December 1880-August 1881 (monthly).
  32. Richard Dowling. The Duke's Sweetheart. December 1880-November 1881 (monthly).
  33. Bertha Henry Buxton. From the Wings. January-October 1880 (monthly).
  34. Richard Dowling. Under St. Paul's. February-December 1880 (monthly).
  35. Annie Cox. 'Twixt Shade and Shine. March-December 1882 (monthly).
  36. W. B. Guinee. Talbot's Folly. January-November 1882 (monthly).
  37. Mrs. Lodge. George Elvaston. December 1882-December 1883 (monthly).
  38. John Hill. The Waters of Marah. January-October 1883 (monthly).
  39. Geraldine Penrose Fitzgerald. Audrey Ferris. March-August 1883 (monthly).
  40. John Hill. Sally. January-October 1884 (monthly).
  41. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. "A Week in Killarney." In Durance Vile, and Other Stories. August-December 1884 (monthly).
  42. Lily Tinsley. In the Ring. August 1885-December 1886 (monthly).
  43. Florence Warden. A Witch of the Hills. February-December 1888 (monthly).
  44. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard. The Other Man's Wife. October 1890-April 1891 (monthly).