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Periodical: The Month

History: Full title: The Month: An Illustrated Magazine of Literature, Science, and Art. Published monthly, price 1s. Illustrated. Carried fiction for its first ten years.

References: Google Books (1864–1900; incomplete); NYPL

Novels and short stories serialized in The Month:

  1. Lady Georgiana Fullerton. Constance Sherwood. July 1864-November 1865 (monthly).
  2. Lady Georgiana Fullerton. A Stormy Life. July 1866-October 1867 (monthly).
  3. Mrs. Augustus Craven. Anne Severin. May 1868-May 1869 (monthly).
  4. Edward Heneage Dering. The Lady of Raven's Combe. January 1885-October 1886 (monthly).
  5. John Kirkwood Leys. The Lindsays. April 1887-April 1888 (monthly).
  6. Anna Mary Sparrow. Olympias. January-May 1889 (monthly).
  7. Richard Brinsley Knowles. Glencoonoge. January 1890-January 1891 (monthly).
  8. Joseph Smith Fletcher. When Charles the First was King. January 1891-March 1892 (monthly).
  9. Lady Amabel Kerr. A Mixed Marriage. September 1892-March 1893 (monthly).
  10. Frances Maitland. "Ursel: A Scotch Story." Ursel and Other Stories. May-June 1893 (monthly).
  11. Lady Amabel Kerr. The Whole Difference. October 1900-December 1901 (monthly).