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Periodical: The Minster

History: Published monthly, price 6d. Illustrated. Published by A. D. Innes. Continues The Newbery House Magazine.

References: British Library

Novels and short stories serialized in The Minster:

  1. George Gissing. "The Salt of the Earth." The House of Cobwebs and Other Stories. January 1895.
  2. Sabine Baring-Gould. "Goosie Vair." Dartmoor Idylls. March 1895.
  3. Max Pemberton. "We Make Ready the Wedding Garment." A Gentleman's Gentleman. July 1895.
  4. Max Pemberton. "We Open the Golden Egg." A Gentleman's Gentleman. August 1895.
  5. Max Pemberton. "At the Maison d'Or [The Phantom Staircase]." A Gentleman's Gentleman. September 1895.
  6. Guy Boothby. "Misplaced Affections." A Crime of the Under-Seas. September 1895.
  7. Max Pemberton. "The Great White Diamond." A Gentleman's Gentleman. October 1895.
  8. Guy Boothby. "Into the Outer Darkness." A Crime of the Under-Seas. October 1895.
  9. Max Pemberton. "Queen and Knave." A Gentleman's Gentleman. November 1895.
  10. Alec John Dawson. "Queen Guiniviere." Mere Sentiment. November 1895.
  11. Max Pemberton. "I Leave My Master." A Gentleman's Gentleman. December 1895.