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Periodical: Household Words [II]

History: Published weekly, price 1d. Illustrated. Edited by Charles Dickens, Jr, who revived his father's periodical of the same name.

References: British Library; Google Books (volumes 1–8)

Novels and short stories serialized in Household Words [II]:

  1. Eliza Margaret von Booth. Fragoletta. 30 April-13 August 1881 (weekly).
  2. Bertha Jane Adams. Cosmo Gordon. 3 December 1881-22 April 1882 (weekly).
  3. Annie Thomas. Friends and Lovers. 1 April-29 July 1882 (weekly).
  4. Eliza Margaret von Booth. Dame Durden. 30 September 1882-17 March 1883 (weekly).
  5. Benjamin Leopold Farjeon. The House of White Shadows. 17 March-8 September 1883 (weekly).
  6. Eliza Margaret von Booth. My Lord Conceit. 5 January-10 May 1884 (weekly).
  7. Catherine Louisa Pirkis. Judith Wynne. 3 May-11 October 1884 (weekly).
  8. Eliza Margaret von Booth. Darby and Joan. 14 February- [?] 1885 (weekly).