Periodical Information At the Circulating Library

Periodical: The Manchester Courier

History: Full title: The Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser. Published daily, price 1d. A weekly supplement published on Saturdays carried fiction.

References: British Newspaper Archive

Novels and short stories serialized in The Manchester Courier:

  1. Edith Stewart Drewry. On Dangerous Ground. 27 March-14 August 1880 (weekly).
  2. Florence Marryat. With Cupid's Eyes. 29 May-4 December 1880 (weekly).
  3. Alice O'Hanlon. A Costly Heritage. 23 October 1880-9 April 1881 (weekly).
  4. Mary Clementina Hibbert-Ware. Friend Ellwood. 19 November 1881-8 July 1882 (weekly).
  5. Walter Besant. All Sorts and Conditions of Men. 7 January-1 July 1882 (weekly).
  6. Mary Clementina Hibbert-Ware. Fairfax of Fuyston. 12 February-3 September 1887 (weekly).
  7. Annie Thomas. "Philip Morton." A Dangerous Secret; The House in Piccadilly; Philip Morton. 5 January-9 February 1895 (weekly).
  8. Ella Jane Curtis. A Game of Chance. 11 May-2 November 1895 (weekly).
  9. Hawley Smart. At Fault. 2 November 1895-[?] 1896 (weekly).
  10. Ellen Baseley. The Dowager's Secret. [?]-12 September 1896 (weekly).