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Periodical: The Essex Newsman

History: Published weekly on Saturdays, price 1/2d. Earlier titled The Essex Halfpenny Newsman in the 1880s.

References: British Newspaper Archive

Novels and short stories serialized in The Essex Newsman:

  1. Elizabeth Owens Blackburne. A Woman Scorned. 21 January-27 May 1882 (weekly).
  2. Mary Cecil Hay. "Missing!." Missing! and Other Tales. 4 August-13 October 1883 (weekly).
  3. Jean Middlemass. Patty's Partner. 3 October 1885-27 February 1886 (weekly).
  4. Jean Middlemass. A Girl in a Thousand. 23 July-31 December 1887 (weekly).
  5. Rayne Butler. In the Power of Two. The Spider and the Fly. 25 July-10 October 1891 (weekly).
  6. Fergus Hume. The Clock Struck One. 1 November 1902-24 January 1903 (weekly).