Periodical Information At the Circulating Library

Periodical: Metropolitan Magazine

History: Monthly.

References: British Periodicals; DNCJ; Sutherland

Novels and short stories serialized in Metropolitan Magazine:

  1. Frederick Marryat. The Pacha of Many Tales. May 1831-June 1835 (monthly).
  2. Frederick Marryat. Peter Simple. June 1832-September 1833 (monthly; unfinished).
  3. Frederick Marryat. Jacob Faithful. September 1833-October 1834 (monthly).
  4. Frederick Marryat. Japhet in Search of a Father. November 1834-January 1836 (monthly).
  5. Edward Howard. Rattlin, the Reefer. September 1834-February 1836 (monthly).
  6. Frederick Marryat. "Diary on the Continent." Olla Podrida. June 1835-June 1836 (monthly).
  7. Edward Howard. Outward Bound. June 1836-June 1837 (monthly).
  8. Frederick Marryat. Snarleyyow. January 1836-July 1837 (monthly).
  9. Frederick Marryat. Mr. Midshipman Easy. August 1836 (unfinished).
  10. Catherine Gore. The Courtier of the Reign of Charles II, with Other Tales. May 1838-March 1839 (monthly).
  11. Frances Milton Trollope. The Blue Belles of England. January-November 1841 (monthly).
  12. Capt. Michael Rafter. Savindroog. May 1842-October 1843 (monthly).
  13. John Henry Mancur. The Palais Royal. December 1843-August 1844 (monthly).
  14. William Dodsworth. Clarendon. January 1848-January 1850 (monthly).
  15. Richard Hort. The Secretary. March 1849-April 1850 (monthly).