At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: Black and White

Periodical: Black and White

History: Published weekly. Full title is Black and White: A Weekly Illustrated Record and Review.

References: Ashley; Cambridge University Library

Novels and short stories serialized in Black and White:

  1. Thomas Hardy. "To Please His Wife." Life's Little Ironies. 27 June 1891.
  2. Arthur Conan Doyle. "A Straggler of '15." Round the Red Lamp. 21 March 1891.
  3. Henry James. "Sir Edmund Orme." The Lesson of the Master. Christmas Number, 25 November 1891.
  4. Robert Louis Stevenson. "The Bottle Imp." The Beach of Falesá. 28 March-4 April 1891 (weekly).
  5. Henry James. "The Real Thing." The Real Thing and Other Tales. 16 April 1892.
  6. Henry James. "The Visits." The Private Life. 28 May 1892.
  7. Robert Barr. "Not According to the Code." Revenge!. 31 July 1895.
  8. Robert Barr. "And the Rigour of the Game." Revenge!. Christmas Number 1895.
  9. Robert Cromie. "Mr. Markham's Private Secretary." The King's Oak, and Other Stories. 22 February 1896.
  10. Robert Cromie. "The Rev. Alexander M'Intosh." The King's Oak, and Other Stories. 6 March 1897.
  11. Henry James. "The Given Case." The Soft Side. 11-18 March 1899 (weekly).