Periodical: The Newbery House Magazine

Periodical: The Newbery House Magazine

History: Published monthly, price 1s (later dropped to 6d). Illustrated. The full title is The Newbery House Magazine: A Monthly Review for Churchmen and Churchwomen. Published by Griffith Farran (1889–94) and Innes (1894). Continued by The Minster.

References: British Library

Novels and short stories serialized in The Newbery House Magazine:

  1. Helen Rose Anne Milman. Boy, July 1889 to October 1889 (monthly).
  2. David Christie Murray. The Bishop's Bible, July 1889 to June 1890 (monthly).
  3. Mary Louisa Molesworth. Sweet Content, November 1889 to June 1890 (monthly).
  4. Esmé Stuart. Virginie's Husband, July 1890 to June 1891 (monthly).
  5. Helen F. Hetherington. No Compromise, July 1891 to June 1892 (monthly).
  6. Isabella Banks. The Slowly Grinding Mills, July 1892 to June 1893 (monthly).
  7. Wilhelmina Martha James. A Real Repentance, July 1893 to December 1893 (monthly).
  8. Thomas Greer. A Modern Daedalus, January 1894 to June 1894 (monthly).
  9. Thomas Hardy. "The Melancholy Hussar", April 1894.
  10. Caroline C. Holroyd. Seething Days, July 1894 to December 1894 (monthly).

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