At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: Metropolitan Magazine

Periodical: Metropolitan Magazine

History: Monthly. Edited by Frederick Marryat.

References: British Periodicals; DNCJ; Sutherland

Novels and short stories serialized in Metropolitan Magazine:

  1. Frederick Marryat. The Pacha of Many Tales. May 1831 to June 1835 (monthly).
  2. Frederick Marryat. Peter Simple. June 1832 to September 1833 (monthly).
  3. John Banim. "The Ace of Clubs." The Bit o' Writin', and Other Tales. By the O'Hara Family. July 1832.
  4. Frederick Marryat. Jacob Faithful. September 1833 to October 1834 (monthly).
  5. Edward Howard. Rattlin, the Reefer. September 1834 to February 1836 (monthly).
  6. Frederick Marryat. Japhet in Search of a Father. November 1834 to January 1836 (monthly).
  7. Frederick Marryat. "Diary on the Continent." Olla Podrida. June 1835 to June 1836 (monthly).
  8. Frederick Marryat. Snarleyyow. January 1836 to July 1837 (monthly).
  9. Edward Howard. Outward Bound. June 1836 to June 1837 (monthly).
  10. Frederick Marryat. Mr. Midshipman Easy. August 1836. (Not finished).
  11. John Banim. "The Bit o' Writin." The Bit o' Writin', and Other Tales. By the O'Hara Family. August 1837 to January 1838 (monthly).
  12. Catherine Gore. The Courtier of the Reign of Charles II, with Other Tales. May 1838 to March 1839 (monthly).
  13. Frances Milton Trollope. The Blue Belles of England. January 1841 to November 1841 (monthly).
  14. Michael Rafter. Savindroog. May 1842 to October 1843 (monthly).
  15. John Henry Mancur. The Palais Royal. December 1843 to August 1844 (monthly).
  16. William Dodsworth. Clarendon. January 1848 to January 1850 (monthly).
  17. Richard Hort. The Secretary. March 1849 to April 1850 (monthly).