At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: Bentley's Miscellany

Periodical: Bentley's Miscellany

History: Published monthly, price 2s. 6d. (half crown). Edited by Charles Dickens and W. H. Ainsworth (1839–41, 1854–68).

References: DNCJ; Sutherland; Wellesley

Novels and short stories serialized in Bentley's Miscellany:

  1. Charles Dickens. Oliver Twist. February 1837-April 1839 (monthly).
  2. James Justinian Morier. The Adventures of Hajji Baba. March-August 1837 (monthly).
  3. William Makepeace Thackeray. "The Professor." Comic Tales and Sketches. September 1837.
  4. Samuel Lover. Handy Andy. January 1837-May 1839 (monthly).
  5. William Harrison Ainsworth. Jack Sheppard. January 1839-February 1840 (monthly).
  6. Charles Hooton. Colin Clink. April 1839-January 1841 (monthly).
  7. William Harrison Ainsworth. Guy Fawkes. January 1840-November 1841 (monthly).
  8. Henry Cockton. Stanley Thorn. January 1840-February 1842 (monthly).
  9. Charles Whitehead. Richard Savage. July 1841-December 1842 (monthly).
  10. Albert Richard Smith. The Adventures of Mr. Ledbury. September 1842-December 1843 (monthly).
  11. Erskine Neale. Experiences of a Gaol Chaplain. May 1843-January 1846 (monthly).
  12. Albert Richard Smith. The Fortunes of the Scattergood Family. January 1844-February 1845 (monthly).
  13. William Hamilton Maxwell. Brian O'Linn. November 1845-December 1847 (monthly).
  14. James Fenimore Cooper. Captain Spike. November 1846-April 1848 (monthly).
  15. Robert Bell. The Ladder of Gold. December 1849-February 1851 (monthly).
  16. Shirley Brooks. Aspen Court. January 1853-November 1855 (monthly).
  17. Charles Reade. "Art: A Dramatic Tale." The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth. December 1853-January 1854 (monthly).
  18. Charles Reade. "Clouds and Sunshine." The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth. June-September 1854 (monthly).
  19. Ellen Wood. The House of Halliwell. September 1855-November 1856 (monthly).
  20. William Harrison Ainsworth. The Spendthrift. January 1855-January 1857 (monthly).
  21. Dudley Costello. The Joint-Stock Banker. April-October 1856 (monthly).
  22. William Harrison Ainsworth. Ovingdean Grange. November 1859-July 1860 (monthly).
  23. William Harrison Ainsworth. The Constable of the Tower. January-September 1861 (monthly).
  24. William Harrison Ainsworth. Cardinal Pole. December 1862-November 1863 (monthly).
  25. William Harrison Ainsworth. The Lord Mayor of London. January-November 1862 (monthly).
  26. William Harrison Ainsworth. John Law, the Projector. November 1863-September 1864 (monthly).
  27. William Harrison Ainsworth. The Spanish Match. November 1864-October 1865 (monthly).
  28. William Harrison Ainsworth. The Constable de Bourbon. November 1865-August 1866 (monthly).
  29. William Harrison Ainsworth. Old Court. October 1866-May 1867 (monthly).
  30. Blanche Marryat. Briars and Thorns. January 1866-February 1867 (monthly).
  31. William Harrison Ainsworth. Myddleton Pomfret. July 1867-March 1868 (monthly).