At the Circulating Library Publisher Information: J. C. Hotten

Publisher: J. C. Hotten

Alternate Name(s): John Camden Hotten

Primary Location: London

History: John Camden Hotten (1832–1873) was a bookseller and publisher active between 1856 and 1873. On Hotten's death, Andrew Chatto, his general manager, bought the company from his widow. Continued by Chatto and Windus.

References: Simon Eliot, "Hotten: Rotten: Forgotten? An Apologia for a General Publisher," Book History 3 (2000): 61–93; Sutherland

Number of Titles Published by J. C. Hotten:

1857 (1 titles)1861 (1 titles)1865 (1 titles)
1866 (1 titles)1867 (3 titles)1869 (1 titles)
1870 (1 titles)1871 (1 titles)1872 (1 titles)