Publisher: A. K. Newman

Publisher: A. K. Newman

Alternate Name(s): Minerva Press

Primary Location: London

History: Anthony King Newman served in the navy before turning to bookselling and publishing. In 1801 he partnered with William Lane, the owner of The Minerva Press (1790‐1820). When Lane retire in 1809, Newman continued the company eventually changing the name to his own in 1811 and dropping "Minerva" in 1820. Newman moved from supplying novels to the circulating libraries to children's fiction and remainders. He retired in 1848 and died ten years later.

References: Dorothy Blakey, The Minerva Press, 1790–1820 (Oxford, 1935); J.K. Bracken and Joel Silver, The British Literary Book Trade, 1700–1820 (Gale, 1995); Gentleman's Magazine (September 1858)

Number of Titles Published by A. K. Newman:

1835 (6 titles)
1836 (1 titles)
1837 (4 titles)
1838 (2 titles)
1839 (1 titles)
1840 (2 titles)
1841 (1 titles)
1842 (1 titles)
1844 (1 titles)

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