Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1855:

  1. William Harrison Ainsworth.  The Spendthrift: A Tale.  Bentley's Miscellany January 1855-January 1857 (monthly).
  2. Clara de Chatelain.  The Man of Many Daughters.  Reynold's Miscellany 15 September 1855-14 June 1856 (weekly).
  3. Charles Dickens.  Little Dorrit.  Part Issue 20 parts, December 1855-June 1857 (monthly).
  4. James Hain Friswell.  The Young Couple and Miscellanies.  The Illustrated London Magazine October-December 1855 (monthly).
  5. Charles Lever.  The Fortunes of Glencore.  The Dublin University Magazine August 1855-April 1857 (monthly).
  6. George William MacArth Reynolds.  Agnes: or, Beauty and Pleasure.  Part Issue 52 parts, 12 December 1855-January 1857 (weekly).
  7. Ellen Wood.  The House of Halliwell.  Bentley's Miscellany September 1855-November 1856 (monthly).