Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1863:

  1. Gustave Aimard.  The Smuggler Chief.  The Sixpenny Magazine July 1863-February 1864 (monthly).
  2. William Harrison Ainsworth.  John Law, the Projector.  Bentley's Miscellany November 1863-September 1864 (monthly).
  3. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Eleanor's Victory.  Once a Week 7 March-3 October 1863 (weekly).
  4. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Henry Dunbar: The Story of an Outcast.  The London Journal 12 September 1863-26 March 1864 (weekly).
  5. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Lady Audley's Secret.  The London Journal 21 March-15 August 1863 (weekly).
  6. Charles James Collins.  Sackville Chase.  The Sixpenny Magazine May 1863-January 1864 (monthly).
  7. Edward Dutton Cook.  The Trials of the Tredgolds: A Novel.  Temple Bar February 1863-February 1864 (monthly).
  8. Sir Henry Stewart Cunningham.  Late Laurels.  Fraser's Magazine April 1863-February 1864 (monthly).
  9. Percy H. Fitzgerald.  Bella Donna: or, The Cross before the Name. A Romance.  The Dublin University Magazine March-December 1863 (monthly).
  10. Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell.  A Dark Night's Work.  All the Year Round 24 January-21 February 1863 (weekly).
  11. Frederick Greenwood.  Margaret Denzil's History: Annotated by her Husband.  The Cornhill Magazine November 1863-October 1864 (monthly).
  12. Earnes Irving.  Catherine's Marriage: A Novel.  Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper 20 June-24 October 1863 (weekly).
  13. John Cordy Jeaffreson.  Not Dead Yet.  The Quiver 26 September 1863-4 June 1864 (weekly).
  14. John Cordy Jeaffreson.  Sir Everard's Daughter.  The Universal Review [I] [?] 1863 (monthly).
  15. Henry Kingsley.  The Hillyars and the Burtons: A Story of Two Families.  Macmillan's Magazine November 1863-April 1865 (monthly).
  16. J. Sheridan Le Fanu.  Wylder's Hand: A Novel.  The Dublin University Magazine June 1863-February 1864 (monthly).
  17. Charles Lever.  Tony Butler.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine October 1863-January 1865 (monthly).
  18. Margaret Oliphant.  The Perpetual Curate.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine June 1863-September 1864 (monthly).
  19. Margaret Oliphant.  A Son of the Soil.  Macmillan's Magazine November 1863-April 1865 (monthly).
  20. Ouida.  Strathmore: or, Wrought by His Own Hand. A Life Romance.  New Monthly Magazine July 1863-February 1865 (monthly).
  21. Charles Reade.  Hard Cash.  All the Year Round 28 March-26 December 1863 (weekly).
  22. Capt. Mayne Reid.  The White Gauntlet.  The National Magazine May 1863-May 1864 (monthly).
  23. William Russell.  Secrets of My Office.  St. James's Magazine February-July 1863 (monthly).
  24. John Saunders.  One Against the World: or, Reuben's War. A Novel.  The Penny Illustrated Paper 18 July 1863-23 July 1864 (weekly).
  25. William J. Stewart.  Picked Up at Sea: A Romance.  The Penny Illustrated Paper 3 January-1 August 1863 (weekly).
  26. Thomas Adolphus Trollope.  Beppo the Conscript.  Once a Week 10 October 1863-19 March 1864 (weekly).
  27. Thomas Adolphus Trollope.  Lindisfarn Chase: A Novel.  The Victoria Magazine May 1863-August 1864 (monthly).
  28. Joseph Verey.  Who Was to Blame?: A Novel.  The Sixpenny Magazine November 1863-March 1864 (monthly).
  29. Ellen Wood.  Trevlyn Hold: or, Squire Trevlyn's Heir.  The Quiver 7 February-19 September 1863 (weekly).