Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1866:

  1. Hamilton Aidé.  The Marstons.  Fraser's Magazine December 1866-March 1868 (monthly).
  2. William Harrison Ainsworth.  Old Court: A Novel.  Bentley's Miscellany October 1866-May 1867 (monthly).
  3. Anonymous.  How I Rose in the World.  The Sixpenny Magazine July 1866-February 1867 (monthly).
  4. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Birds of Prey: A Novel.  Belgravia November 1866-October 1867 (monthly).
  5. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Run to Earth: A Novel.  The London Journal 27 October 1866-20 July 1867 (weekly).
  6. Shirley Brooks.  Sooner or Later.  Part Issue 17 parts, November 1866-February 1868 (monthly).
  7. Rhoda Broughton.  Cometh Up as a Flower: An Autobiography.  The Dublin University Magazine July 1866-January 1867 (monthly).
  8. George Hatton Colomb.  Hearths and Watch-Fires.  The Queen 6 January-29 December 1866 (weekly; intermittently).
  9. Annie Edwards.  Archie Lovell.  Temple Bar January-December 1866 (monthly).
  10. Percy H. Fitzgerald.  The Second Mrs. Tillotson: A Story.  All the Year Round 13 January-25 August 1866 (weekly).
  11. Lady Georgiana Fullerton.  A Stormy Life.  The Month July 1866-October 1867 (monthly).
  12. Julia Bachope Goddard.  Joyce Dormer's Story.  Once a Week 27 October 1866-9 March 1867 (weekly).
  13. James Greenwood.  Humphrey Dyot.  The Penny Illustrated Paper 22 December 1866-27 July 1867 (weekly).
  14. Henry Kingsley.  Silcote of Silcotes.  Macmillan's Magazine July 1866-September 1867 (monthly).
  15. Eleanor Frances Le Fanu.  Never—For Ever.  The Dublin University Magazine August 1866-September 1867 (monthly).
  16. J. Sheridan Le Fanu.  All in the Dark.  The Dublin University Magazine February-June 1866 (monthly).
  17. George MacDonald.  Robert Falconer.  The Argosy December 1866-November 1867 (monthly).
  18. James Alexander Maitland.  Captain Jack: or, The Great Van Broek Property. A Story.  The Leisure Hour 6 January-30 June 1866 (weekly).
  19. Blanche Marryat.  Briars and Thorns.  Bentley's Miscellany January 1866-February 1867 (monthly).
  20. George Meredith.  Vittoria.  The Fortnightly Review 15 January-15 October 1866 and November-December 1866 (bi-weekly, monthly).
  21. Caroline Sheridan Norton.  Old Sir Douglas.  Macmillan's Magazine January 1866-October 1867 (monthly).
  22. Margaret Oliphant.  Madonna Mary: A Story of Modern English Life.  Good Words January-December 1866 (monthly).
  23. James Payn.  Mirk Abbey.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 6 January-26 May 1866 (weekly).
  24. Q. M. R..  Out of Charity: A Novel.  St. James's Magazine June 1866-April 1867 (monthly).
  25. William Brighty Rands.  The Shoemakers' Village.  The Argosy December 1866-June 1867 (monthly).
  26. Charlotte Elizabeth Riddell.  The Race for Wealth: A Novel.  Once a Week 6 January-15 September 1866 (weekly).
  27. Anne Isabella Ritchie.  The Village on the Cliff.  The Cornhill Magazine July 1866-February 1867 (monthly).
  28. John Saunders.  The Lion in the Path: A Historical Romance.  Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper 1 September 1866-9 March 1867 (weekly).
  29. Thomas Wilkinson Speight.  Brought to Light.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 7 July-1 December 1866 (weekly).
  30. Hesba Stretton.  Jessica's First Prayer.  The Sunday at Home 7-28 July 1866 (weekly).
  31. Anthony Trollope.  The Last Chronicle of Barset.  Part Issue 32 parts, 1 December 1866-6 July 1867 (weekly).
  32. Anthony Trollope.  Nina Balatka: The Story of a Maiden of Prague.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine July 1866-January 1867 (monthly).
  33. Anthony Trollope.  The Claverings.  The Cornhill Magazine February 1866-May 1867 (monthly).
  34. Frances Eleanor Trollope.  Aunt Margaret's Troubles.  All the Year Round 14 July-18 August 1866 (weekly).
  35. Ellen Wood.  Lady Adelaide's Oath.  Temple Bar April 1866-March 1867 (monthly).
  36. Edmund Hodgson Yates.  Black Sheep: A Novel.  All the Year Round 25 August 1866-30 March 1867 (weekly).