Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1872:

  1. William Harrison Ainsworth.  Boscobel: or, The Royal Oak. A Tale of the Year 1651.  New Monthly Magazine January-December 1872 (monthly).
  2. Mrs. Alexander.  The Wooing O't: A Novel.  Temple Bar June 1872-November 1873 (monthly).
  3. Frank Lee Benedict.  Miss Dorothy's Charge.  St. James's Magazine April 1872-February 1874 (monthly).
  4. Walter Besant.  My Little Girl.  Once a Week 7 December 1872-31 May 1873 (weekly).
  5. Walter Besant.  Ready-Money Mortiboy: A Matter-of-Fact Story.  Once a Week 6 January-29 June 1872 (weekly).
  6. William Black.  The Strange Adventures of a Phaeton.  Macmillan's Magazine January-November 1872 (monthly).
  7. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Strangers and Pilgrims: A Novel.  Belgravia November 1872-October 1873 (monthly).
  8. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  To the Bitter End: A Novel.  Belgravia February-December 1872 (monthly).
  9. Hannah Dorothy Burdon.  The Fate of Folly.  The Morpeth Herald 24 February-9 November 1872 (weekly).
  10. Elizabeth Rundle Charles.  Against the Stream: The Story of an Heroic Age in England.  The Sunday Magazine for Family Reading December 1872-September 1873 (monthly).
  11. Sir George Tomkyns Chesney.  A True Reformer.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine March 1872-June 1873 (monthly).
  12. Wilkie Collins.  The New Magdalen.  Temple Bar October 1872-July 1873 (monthly).
  13. Benjamin Leopold Farjeon.  London's Heart: A Novel.  Tinsley's Magazine February 1872-May 1873 (monthly).
  14. William Freeland.  Love and Treason: A Novel.  Glasgow Weekly Herald [?]-[?] 1872 (weekly).
  15. George W. Garrett.  The Belle of Belgravia: A Novel.  The Dublin University Magazine October 1872-May 1873 (monthly).
  16. Charles Garvice.  Maurice Durant.  London Reader 16 November 1872-1 April 1873 (weekly).
  17. Thomas Hardy.  A Pair of Blue Eyes: A Novel.  Tinsley's Magazine September 1872-July 1873 (monthly).
  18. Joseph Hatton.  In the Lap of Fortune: A Story "Stranger Than Fiction".  The Gentleman's Magazine May 1872-March 1873 (monthly).
  19. Mary Cecil Hay.  Victor and Vanquished.  The Family Herald 4 May-7 September 1872 (weekly).
  20. Frances Cashel Hoey.  A Golden Sorrow.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 6 January-25 May 1872 (weekly).
  21. Jean Ingelow.  Off the Skelligs.  St. Paul's Magazine January-December 1872 (monthly).
  22. J. Sheridan Le Fanu.  Willing to Die.  All the Year Round 21 September 1872-24 May 1873 (weekly).
  23. Edward Bulwer Lytton.  The Parisians.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine October 1872-January 1874 (monthly).
  24. Isabella Mayo.  Crooked Places: A Family Chronicle.  The Sunday Magazine for Family Reading October 1872-September 1873 (monthly).
  25. Margaret Oliphant.  At his Gates: A Novel.  Good Words January-December 1872 (monthly).
  26. Susanna Mary Paull.  Trevor Court.  Golden Hours: A Magazine for Sunday Reading January-December 1872 (monthly).
  27. James Payn.  A Woman's Vengeance: A Novel.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 1 June-2 November 1872 (weekly).
  28. Charles Reade.  A Simpleton: A Story of the Day.  London Society August 1872-September 1873 (monthly).
  29. Anne Isabella Ritchie.  Old Kensington.  The Cornhill Magazine April 1872-April 1873 (monthly).
  30. Frederick William Robinson.  Little Kate Kirby.  Cassell's Magazine 14 September 1872-15 March 1873 (weekly).
  31. Anne Maria Carter Smith.  Regent Rosalind: A Story.  The Churchman's Companion July 1872-May 1873 (monthly).
  32. Hesba Stretton.  Doctor's Dilemma.  Cassell's Magazine 6 January-7 September 1872 (weekly).
  33. Anthony Trollope.  The Golden Lion of Granp√®re.  Good Words January-August 1872 (monthly).
  34. George John Whyte-Melville.  Satanella: A Story of Punchestown.  The Gentleman's Magazine January-July 1872 (monthly).
  35. Ellen Wood.  Within the Maze: A Novel.  The Argosy January-December 1872 (monthly).
  36. Edmund Hodgson Yates.  The Yellow Flag: A Novel.  All the Year Round 27 April-7 December 1872 (weekly).