Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1873:

  1. Louisa May Alcott.  Work: A Story of Experience.  St. James's Magazine February 1873-April 1874 (monthly).
  2. Elizabeth Mary Alford.  Stanhurst.  The Churchman's Shilling Magazine March-August 1873 (monthly).
  3. William Black.  A Princess of Thule.  Macmillan's Magazine March-December 1873 (monthly).
  4. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Lost for Love: A Novel.  Belgravia November 1873-November 1874 (monthly).
  5. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Taken at the Flood: A Novel.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 30 August 1873-18 April 1874 (weekly).
  6. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Taken at the Flood: A Novel.  The Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 30 August 1873-18 April 1874 (weekly).
  7. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Lucius Davoren: or, Publicans and Sinners. A Novel.  The Home Journal [?] August 1873-[?] January 1874 (weekly).
  8. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Taken at the Flood: A Novel.  The Sheffield Daily Telegraph 6 September 1873-18 April 1874 (weekly).
  9. BTAO "Blanche Seymour".  Laura Eyle: A Novel.  Tinsley's Magazine August-December 1873 (monthly).
  10. Hannah Dorothy Burdon.  The Farce of Life: A Novel.  The Morpeth Herald 1 November 1873-27 June 1874 (weekly).
  11. Edward James Mortimer Collins.  Mr. Carington: A Tale of Love and Conspiracy.  St. Paul's Magazine January-December 1873 (monthly).
  12. Edward Dutton Cook.  Young Mr. Nightingale: A Novel.  All the Year Round 17 May 1873-28 March 1874 (weekly).
  13. Annie Edwards.  A Vagabond Heroine.  Temple Bar January-July 1873 (monthly).
  14. Alexander Charles Ewald.  A Friend at Court: A Novel.  Evening Hours January-November 1873 (monthly).
  15. George Manville Fenn.  That Little Frenchman: A Tale.  Once a Week 5 July-27 December 1873 (weekly).
  16. William Gilbert.  Memoirs of a Cynic.  St. Paul's Magazine July-December 1873 (monthly).
  17. James Grant.  Shall I Win Her?: The Story of a Wanderer.  The London Journal 1 November 1873-21 March 1874 (weekly).
  18. W. Thomson Gregg.  Doctor Middleton's Daughter.  Once a Week 10 May-29 November 1873 (weekly).
  19. John Berwick Harwood.  Lady Livingston's Legacy: A Novel.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 6 September 1873-31 January 1874 (weekly).
  20. Joseph Hatton.  Clytie: A Novel of Modern Life.  The Gentleman's Magazine March 1873-May 1874 (monthly).
  21. Sarah Anne Jeffreys.  Better Than Gold.  The Quiver 29 June-28 December 1873 (weekly).
  22. Henrietta Keddie.  Lady Bell: A Story of the Last Century.  Good Words January-December 1873 (monthly).
  23. Henrietta Keddie.  Sukie's Boy.  The Sunday Magazine for Family Reading October 1873-January 1874 (monthly).
  24. Katharine S. Macquoid.  Too Soon: A Study of a Girl's Heart.  The Leisure Hour 4 January-31 May 1873 (weekly).
  25. Florence Marryat.  No Intentions: A Novel.  London Society January 1873-February 1874 (monthly).
  26. Eustace Clare Grenville Murray.  Young Brown: or, The Law of Inheritance.  The Cornhill Magazine July 1873-February 1874 (monthly).
  27. Margaret Oliphant.  Innocent: A Tale of Modern Life.  The Graphic 4 January-28 June 1873 (weekly).
  28. Louisa Parr.  The Prescotts of Pamphillon.  Good Words January-December 1873 (monthly).
  29. James Payn.  At Her Mercy: A Novel.  All the Year Round 11 October 1873-25 April 1874 (weekly).
  30. James Payn.  Murphy's Master, and Other Stories.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 4 January-8 March 1873 (weekly).
  31. Frederick William Robinson.  Second-Cousin Sarah.  Cassell's Magazine 11 October 1873-11 April 1874 (weekly).
  32. Frederick William Robinson.  Her Face was her Fortune.  The Family Herald 3 May-11 October 1873 (weekly).
  33. George Augustus Sala.  The Story of the Comte de Chambord: A Trilogy.  The Daily Telegraph 21-24 October 1873 (daily).
  34. Hesba Stretton.  Hester Morley's Promise.  Cassell's Magazine 22 March-4 October 1873 (weekly).
  35. Annie Thomas.  No Alternative: A Novel.  All the Year Round 5 July-4 October 1873 (weekly).
  36. Anthony Trollope.  Lady Anna.  The Fortnightly Review April 1873-April 1874 (monthly).
  37. Anthony Trollope.  Harry Heathcote of Gangoil.  The Graphic Christmas Number 1873.
  38. George John Whyte-Melville.  Uncle John: A Novel.  Temple Bar October 1873-August 1874 (monthly).
  39. Ellen Wood.  The Master of Greylands: A Novel.  The Argosy January-December 1873 (monthly).
  40. Edmund Hodgson Yates.  The Impending Sword: A Novel.  The Home Journal 20 December 1873-22 August 1874 (weekly).