Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1880:

  1. Bertha Jane Adams.  Aunt Hepsy's Foundling: A Novel.  Kensington January-July 1880 (monthly; unfinished).
  2. Deborah Alcock.  The Roman Students: or, On the Wings of the Morning. A Tale of the Renaissance.  The Sunday Magazine for Family Reading October 1880-April 1881 (monthly).
  3. Isabella Banks.  Caleb Booth's Clerk: A Lancashire Story.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 20 March-28 August 1880 (weekly).
  4. Anne Beale.  Idonea.  The Leisure Hour 3 July-25 December 1880 (weekly).
  5. Walter Besant.  The Chaplain of the Fleet: A Novel.  The Graphic 4 December 1880-11 June 1881 (weekly).
  6. William Black.  Sunrise: A Story of These Times.  Part Issue 15 parts, April 1880-June 1881 (monthly).
  7. William Black.  Sunrise: A Story of These Times.  Sheffield Independent 20 March 1880-26 March 1881 (weekly).
  8. Eliza Margaret von Booth.  My Lady Coquette: A Novel.  The Family Herald 29 May-18 September 1880 (weekly).
  9. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Asphodel: A Novel.  All the Year Round 31 July 1880-19 March 1881 (weekly).
  10. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Just as I Am: A Novel.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 7 February-18 September 1880 (weekly).
  11. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Just as I Am: A Novel.  The Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 7 February-11 September 1880 (weekly).
  12. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Just as I Am: A Novel.  The Cardiff Times 7 February-11 September 1880 (weekly).
  13. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Just as I Am: A Novel.  The Sheffield Daily Telegraph 7 February-11 September 1880 (weekly).
  14. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Just as I Am: A Novel.  The People's Journal for Aberdeen 7 February-18 September 1880 (weekly).
  15. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Just as I Am: A Novel.  The Nottingham Evening Post 7 February-18 September 1880 (weekly).
  16. Robert Williams Buchanan.  A Child of Nature: A Romance.  The Sheffield Daily Telegraph 4 September 1880-15 January 1881 (weekly).
  17. Robert Williams Buchanan.  A Child of Nature: A Romance.  Leicester Chronicle 4 September 1888-15 January 1881 (weekly).
  18. Bertha Henry Buxton.  Sceptre and Ring: A Novel.  Tinsley's Magazine December 1880-August 1881 (monthly).
  19. Bertha Henry Buxton.  From the Wings: A Novel.  Tinsley's Magazine January-October 1880 (monthly).
  20. Adelaide Margaret Cameron.  Among the Heather: A Highland Story.  London Society October 1880-April 1881 (monthly).
  21. Lewis Carroll.  A Tangled Tale.  The Monthly Packet April 1880-March 1885 (monthly; irregular).
  22. Sir George Tomkyns Chesney.  The Private Secretary.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine November 1880-September 1881 (monthly).
  23. Christabel Rose Coleridge.  An English Squire: A Novel.  The Monthly Packet January-December 1880 (monthly).
  24. Mabel Collins.  Too Red a Dawn.  The Dublin University Magazine February-December 1880 (monthly).
  25. Wilkie Collins.  The Black Robe.  South London Press 2 October 1880-26 March 1881 (weekly).
  26. Wilkie Collins.  The Black Robe.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 2 October 1880-26 March 1881 (weekly).
  27. Wilkie Collins.  The Black Robe.  Sheffield Independent 2 October 1880-26 March 1881 (weekly).
  28. Annie Cox.  A Romance of Regent Street: A Novel.  The London Journal 19 June-30 October 1880 (weekly).
  29. Sarah Doudney.  Thy Heart's Desire: A Story of Girls' Lives.  The Sunday Magazine for Family Reading April-September 1880 (monthly).
  30. Richard Dowling.  The Duke's Sweetheart: A Romance.  Tinsley's Magazine December 1880-November 1881 (monthly).
  31. Richard Dowling.  Under St. Paul's.  Tinsley's Magazine February-December 1880 (monthly).
  32. Edith Stewart Drewry.  On Dangerous Ground: A Novel.  The Manchester Courier 27 March-14 August 1880 (weekly).
  33. Amelia B. Edwards.  Lord Brackenbury: A Novel.  The Graphic 14 February-25 September 1880 (weekly).
  34. Violet Fane.  Sophy: or, The Adventures of a Savage.  Time April 1880-December 1881 (monthly).
  35. Benjamin L. Farjeon.  Great Porter Square: A Mystery.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 2 October 1880-26 March 1881 (weekly).
  36. Benjamin L. Farjeon.  In a Silver Sea.  All the Year Round 3 January-18 September 1880 (weekly).
  37. Benjamin L. Farjeon.  Great Porter Square: A Mystery.  The Dundee Courier 5 October 1880-29 March 1881 (weekly).
  38. Jessie Fothergill.  Probation: A Tale of the Lancashire Cotton Famine.  The Manchester Weekly Times 5 June-18 September 1880 (weekly).
  39. Robert Edward Francillon.  Queen Cophetua.  The Gentleman's Magazine January-December 1880 (monthly).
  40. Theo Gift.  Visited on the Children: A Novel.  All the Year Round 25 September 1880-14 May 1881 (weekly).
  41. Major Arthur George Frederick Griffiths.  Viscount Lacklands: A Tale of Modern Mammon.  Life 17 April-10 July 1880 (weekly).
  42. Thomas Hardy.  A Laodicean: or, The Castle of the De Stancys. A Story of To-Day.  Harper's New Monthly Magazine December 1880-December 1881 (monthly).
  43. Thomas Hardy.  The Trumpet-Major: A Tale.  Good Words January-December 1880 (monthly).
  44. Arabella M. Hopkinson.  Waiting: A Novel.  Cassell's Family Magazine December 1880-November 1881 (monthly).
  45. Margaret Hunt.  The Leaden Casket: A Novel.  Belgravia January-December 1880 (monthly).
  46. Jean Ingelow.  Sarah de Berenger.  Good Words January-November 1880 (monthly).
  47. Henry James.  The Portrait of a Lady.  Macmillan's Magazine October 1880-November 1881 (monthly).
  48. Eliza Lynn Linton.  "My Love".  The Bolton Weekly Journal 25 September 1880-5 March 1881 (weekly).
  49. Eliza Lynn Linton.  The Rebel of the Family.  Temple Bar January-December 1880 (monthly).
  50. Eliza Lynn Linton.  "My Love".  The Cardiff Times 25 September 1880-5 March 1881 (weekly).
  51. George MacDonald.  Mary Marston.  The Aberdeen Weekly Journal 2 October 1880-4 June 1881 (weekly).
  52. George MacDonald.  Mary Marston.  The Manchester Weekly Times 2 October 1880-16 April 1881 (weekly).
  53. Florence Marryat.  The Fair-Haired Alda: A Novel.  The London Journal 6 March-19 June 1880 (weekly).
  54. Florence Marryat.  With Cupid's Eyes.  The Manchester Courier 29 May-4 December 1880 (weekly).
  55. Justin McCarthy.  Dear Lady Disdain.  The Manchester Weekly Times 26 June-16 October 1880 (weekly).
  56. George Meredith.  The Tragic Comedians: A Study on a Well-Known Story.  The Fortnightly Review October 1880-February 1881 (monthly).
  57. Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock.  Stripped of the Tinsel: A Story of Bohemia.  The Sheffield Daily Telegraph 27 March-18 December 1880 (weekly).
  58. Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock.  Stripped of the Tinsel: A Story of Bohemia.  The Taunton Courier 5 May 1880-12 January 1881 (weekly).
  59. David Christie Murray.  A Life's Atonement: A Novel.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 3 January-25 September 1880 (weekly).
  60. Emma Newman.  With Costs: A Novel.  Time June 1880-July 1881 (monthly).
  61. Alice O'Hanlon.  A Costly Heritage.  The Manchester Courier 23 October 1880-9 April 1881 (weekly).
  62. Louisa Parr.  Adam and Eve.  Temple Bar January-December 1880 (monthly).
  63. James Payn.  A Confidential Agent.  Belgravia January-December 1880 (monthly).
  64. James Payn.  From Exile.  Leeds Mercury 29 May 1880-27 November 1880 (weekly).
  65. James Payn.  A Confidential Agent.  Sheffield Independent 10 January-24 December 1880 (weekly).
  66. Capt. Mayne Reid.  The Free Lances: A Romance of the Mexican Valley.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 22 May-25 September 1880 (weekly).
  67. Capt. Mayne Reid.  No Quarter: A Romance.  The Bristol Mercury 3 April-2 October 1880 (weekly).
  68. Charlotte Elizabeth Riddell.  The Mystery in Palace Gardens: A Novel.  London Society January-December 1880 (monthly).
  69. Dora Russell.  Quite True: A Novel.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 13 March-21 August 1880 (weekly).
  70. Dora Russell.  Annabel's Rival: A Novel.  The Lancaster Gazette 21 August 1880-19 February 1881 (weekly).
  71. Thomas Wilkinson Speight.  The Mysteries of Heron Dyke: A Novel of Incident.  The Argosy January-December 1880 (monthly).
  72. Bertha Thomas.  The Violin Player.  London Society January-November 1880 (monthly).
  73. William Moy Thomas.  A Fight for Life.  The Manchester Weekly Times 7 February-19 June 1880 (weekly).
  74. Anthony Trollope.  Dr. Wortle's School: A Novel.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine May-December 1880 (monthly).
  75. William Bury Westall.  The Old Factory: A Lancashire Story.  The Manchester Weekly Times 23 October 1880-5 February 1881 (weekly).