Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1884:

  1. Grant Allen.  Philistia.  The Gentleman's Magazine January-December 1884 (monthly).
  2. Isabella Banks.  Forbidden to Marry: A Novel.  The Manchester Weekly Times 26 April-2 August 1884 (weekly).
  3. Frank Barrett.  John Ford: His Faults and his Follies.  Cassell's Family Magazine June-November 1884 (monthly).
  4. Walter Besant.  Dorothy Forster: A Novel.  The Graphic 12 January-12 July 1884 (weekly).
  5. Eliza Margaret von Booth.  Corinna: A Study.  The Lady's Pictorial: A Newspaper for the Home 16 February-31 May 1884 (weekly).
  6. Eliza Margaret von Booth.  My Lord Conceit: A Novel.  Household Words [II] 5 January-10 May 1884 (weekly).
  7. Frederick Boyle.  A Good Hater.  Sheffield Independent 6 September 1884-[?] 1885 (weekly).
  8. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Wyllard's Weird: A Novel.  Leigh Journal and Times 19 September 1884-20 March 1885 (weekly).
  9. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Wyllard's Weird: A Novel.  South London Press 20 September 1884-21 March 1885 (weekly).
  10. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Wyllard's Weird: A Novel.  The Nottinghamshire Guardian 26 September 1884-27 March 1885 (weekly).
  11. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Wyllard's Weird: A Novel.  The Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 20 September 1884-28 March 1885 (weekly).
  12. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Ishmael: A Novel.  The Whitehall Review 17 January-18 September 1884 (weekly).
  13. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Wyllard's Weird: A Novel.  The Cardiff Times 20 September 1884-21 March 1885 (weekly).
  14. Lilian Rowland Brown.  In Sunny Switzerland: A Story of Six Weeks.  The Morpeth Herald 26 July-22 November 1884 (weekly).
  15. Robert Williams Buchanan.  Annan Water: A Romance.  The Manchester Weekly Times 2 February-26 April 1884 (weekly).
  16. Robert Williams Buchanan.  Stormy Waters: A Story of Today.  The Sheffield Daily Telegraph [?]-13 September 1884 (weekly).
  17. Robert Williams Buchanan.  Foxglove Manor: A Novel.  The Sheffield Daily Telegraph 20 September 1884-7 February 1885 (weekly).
  18. Robert Williams Buchanan.  Stormy Waters: A Story of Today.  The Nottinghamshire Guardian 2 May-19 September 1884 (weekly).
  19. Julie Bosville Chetwynd.  Bees and Butterflies: A Novel.  The Pictorial World 20 March-30 October 1884 (weekly).
  20. Christabel Rose Coleridge.  A Near Relation: A Novel.  The Monthly Packet January 1884-May 1885 (monthly).
  21. Mabel Collins.  Lord Vanecourt's Daughter.  Home Chimes 19 July 1884-17 January 1885 (weekly).
  22. Mabel Collins.  The Prettiest Woman in Warsaw: A Novel.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 1 March-26 July 1884 (weekly).
  23. Wilkie Collins.  I Say No: or, The Love-Letter Answered.  London Society January-December 1884 (monthly).
  24. F. Marion Crawford.  An American Politician.  The Pictorial World 30 October 1884-12 February 1885 (weekly).
  25. Bithia Mary Croker.  Proper Pride: A Novel.  Leeds Mercury 20 December 1884-23 May 1885 (weekly).
  26. Sarah Doudney.  When We Two Parted.  The Aberdeen Weekly Journal 9 February-19 July 1884 (weekly).
  27. Richard Dowling.  The Hidden Flame: A Romance.  The People: A Newspaper for All Classes 6 July-28 December 1884 (weekly).
  28. Richard Dowling.  The Hidden Flame: A Romance.  The Newcastle Weekly Courant 4 July-26 December 1884 (weekly).
  29. Georgina Drewry.  Between Midnight and Dawn.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 13 September 1884-31 January 1885 (weekly).
  30. Frederick John Fargus.  A Family Affair: A Novel.  The English Illustrated Magazine October 1884-September 1885 (monthly).
  31. Frederick John Fargus.  Dark Days.  Arrowsmith's Christmas Annual 1884.
  32. George Manville Fenn.  Double Cunning: The Tale of a Transparent Mystery.  Cassell's Saturday Journal 9 August 1884-21 March 1885 (weekly).
  33. George Manville Fenn.  Eve at the Wheel: A Tale of Three Hundred Virgins.  The Falkirk Herald 26 January-14 June 1884 (weekly).
  34. Jessie Fothergill.  Peril: A Novel.  Temple Bar January-December 1884 (monthly).
  35. Robert Edward Francillon.  Ropes of Sand: A Novel.  The Illustrated London News 5 July-27 December 1884 (weekly).
  36. Dorothea Gerard.  The Waters of Hercules.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine August 1884-July 1885 (monthly).
  37. Charles Gibbon.  By Mead and Stream: A Novel.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 5 January-29 November 1884 (weekly).
  38. Charles Gibbon.  Heart's Delight: A Novel.  The Dundee Courier 21 October 1884-28 April 1885 (weekly).
  39. James Grant.  Dulcie Carlyon: A Novel.  York Herald 25 October 1884-9 May 1885 (weekly).
  40. James Grant.  Colville of the Guards.  The Sheffield Daily Telegraph [?]-1 November 1884 (weekly).
  41. James Grant.  Dulcie Carlyon: A Novel.  The People's Journal for Aberdeen [?] 1884-9 May 1885 (weekly).
  42. Mary Cecil Hay.  Lester's Secret.  The Family Herald 1 November 1884-21 March 1885 (weekly).
  43. John Hill.  Sally: A Novel.  Tinsley's Magazine January-October 1884 (monthly).
  44. Frances Cashel Hoey.  The Lover's Creed.  Belgravia January-December 1884 (monthly).
  45. William Tighe Hopkins.  Nell Haffenden: A Strictly Conventional Story.  The Pictorial World 6 November 1884-21 May 1885 (weekly).
  46. Arabella M. Hopkinson.  Sweet Christabel: A Novel.  Cassell's Family Magazine December 1884-May 1885 (monthly).
  47. Harriett Jay.  A Marriage of Convenience: A Tale.  The Lady's Pictorial: A Newspaper for the Home 12 July-29 November 1884 (weekly).
  48. Henrietta Keddie.  Beauty and the Beast.  Good Words January-December 1884 (monthly).
  49. Mary Kennard.  Straight as a Die: A Novel.  Cassell's Saturday Journal 19 July 1884-24 January 1885 (weekly).
  50. Richard Ashe King.  The Wearing of the Green.  Belgravia January-December 1884 (monthly).
  51. Mary Linskill.  Between the Heather and the Northern Sea.  Good Words January-December 1884 (monthly).
  52. Isabella Mayo.  At Any Cost.  The Sunday Magazine for Family Reading July-December 1884 (monthly).
  53. George Meredith.  Diana of the Crossways: A Novel.  The Fortnightly Review June-December 1884 (monthly).
  54. Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock.  From the Bosom of the Deep.  The Nottinghamshire Guardian 4 January-25 July 1884 (weekly).
  55. Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock.  Only a Woman's Heart: The Story of a Woman's Love.  The Fife Herald 30 July 1884-21 January 1885 (weekly).
  56. Alan Muir.  Tumbledown Farm: A Novel.  London Society April-December 1884 (monthly).
  57. David Christie Murray.  A Life's Atonement: A Novel.  The Northampton Mercury 23 February-23 August 1884 (weekly).
  58. David Christie Murray.  A Life's Atonement: A Novel.  Tamworth Herald 14 June 1884-23 May 1885 (weekly).
  59. Alice O'Hanlon.  A Diamond in the Rough.  Cassell's Family Magazine December 1884-November 1885 (monthly).
  60. Margaret Oliphant.  Madam.  Longman's Magazine January 1884-January 1885 (monthly).
  61. Margaret Oliphant.  The Prodigals and Their Inheritance.  Good Words December 1884 (Christmas Number).
  62. James Payn.  The Talk of the Town.  The Cornhill Magazine July 1884-February 1885 (monthly).
  63. Catherine Louisa Pirkis.  Lady Lovelace: A Novel.  All the Year Round 1 November 1884-30 May 1885 (weekly).
  64. Catherine Louisa Pirkis.  Judith Wynne: A Novel.  Household Words [II] 3 May-11 October 1884 (weekly).
  65. Rosa Caroline Praed.  Zéro: A Story of Monte Carlo.  Temple Bar January-May 1884 (monthly).
  66. Eleanor C. Price.  Gerald.  All the Year Round 5 April-15 November 1884 (weekly).
  67. Charles Reade.  A Perilous Secret.  Temple Bar September 1884-May 1885 (monthly).
  68. Charles Reade.  A Perilous Secret.  The Nottinghamshire Guardian 29 February-11 July 1884 (weekly).
  69. Charles Reade.  A Perilous Secret.  The Bristol Mercury 23 February-5 July 1884 (weekly).
  70. Charles Reade.  A Perilous Secret.  Sheffield Independent 23 February-5 July 1884 (weekly).
  71. Charlotte Elizabeth Riddell.  Berna Boyle: A Love Story of Devon.  The Illustrated London News 5 January-26 June 1884 (weekly).
  72. Frederick William Robinson.  Lazarus in London.  Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle 25 October 1884-25 April 1885 (weekly).
  73. Frederick William Robinson.  The Man She Cared For.  The Newcastle Weekly Courant 4 January-4 July 1884 (weekly).
  74. Frederick William Robinson.  A Fair Maid.  Home Chimes 2 January-26 July 1884 (weekly).
  75. Frederick William Robinson.  Lazarus in London.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 25 October 1884-25 April 1885 (weekly).
  76. Frederick William Robinson.  Lazarus in London.  The Taunton Courier 29 October 1884-29 April 1885 (weekly).
  77. George Bernard Shaw.  The Unsocial Socialist.  To-Day March-December 1884 (monthly).
  78. Hawley Smart.  Tie and Trick: A Melodramatic Story.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 12 July 1884-10 January 1885 (weekly).
  79. Hawley Smart.  From Post to Finish: A Novel.  The Graphic 19 July-20 December 1884 (weekly).
  80. Hawley Smart.  Tie and Trick: A Melodramatic Story.  The Nottinghamshire Guardian 11 July 1884-16 January 1885 (weekly).
  81. Thomas Wilkinson Speight.  Under Lock and Key: A Story.  The Northampton Mercury 23 August 1884-7 February 1885 (weekly).
  82. Lillian Spender.  The Recollections of a Country Doctor.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 19 July-27 December 1884 (weekly).
  83. William Gordon Stables.  From Pole to Pole: A Tale of the Sea.  The Bristol Mercury 8 March-31 May 1884 (weekly).
  84. William Gordon Stables.  From Pole to Pole: A Tale of the Sea.  Sheffield Independent 8 March-27 September 1884 (weekly).
  85. Andrew Stewart.  Wandering Willie: A Romance of the Great Tay Bridge Disaster.  The People's Journal for Aberdeen [?] 1884-14 February 1885 (weekly).
  86. Hesba Stretton.  Carola.  The Sunday Magazine for Family Reading January-June 1884 (monthly).
  87. Margaret Veley.  Mitchelhurst Place: A Novel.  Macmillan's Magazine May-October 1884 (monthly).
  88. L. B. Walford.  The Baby's Grandmother.  The Manchester Weekly Times 11 October 1884-10 January 1885 (weekly).
  89. Florence Warden.  The White Witch: A Novel.  The Argosy January-December 1884 (monthly).
  90. Florence Warden.  A Dog with a Bad Name: A Novel.  The Family Herald 21 June-25 October 1884 (weekly).
  91. Lily Watson.  Within Sight of the Snow: A Story of a Swiss Holiday, and A Surrey Idyll.  The Girl's Own Paper 3-31 May 1884 (weekly).
  92. Lily Watson.  The Mountain Path.  The Girl's Own Paper 4 October 1884-28 March 1885 (weekly).