Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1894:

  1. Mary Jemima Albert.  The Luckiest Man in the World: A Novel.  Cheshire Observer 23 June-29 September 1894 (weekly).
  2. Grant Allen.  Under Sealed Orders.  The People: A Newspaper for All Classes 15 July-23 December 1894 (weekly).
  3. Grant Allen.  At Market Value: A Novel.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 6 January-21 July 1894 (weekly).
  4. Sabine Baring-Gould.  Kitty Alone: A Story of Three Fires.  Good Words January-December 1894 (monthly).
  5. Walter Besant.  Beyond the Dreams of Avarice.  Tit-Bits [?] July-[?] December 1894 (weekly).
  6. William Black.  Highland Cousins.  The Graphic 6 January-30 June 1894 (weekly).
  7. William Black.  Highland Cousins.  Leeds Mercury 6 January-30 June 1894 (weekly).
  8. William Black.  Highland Cousins.  The Nottinghamshire Guardian 6 January-30 June 1894 (weekly).
  9. William Black.  Highland Cousins.  The Cardiff Times 6 January-30 June 1894 (weekly).
  10. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Thou Art the Man: A Novel.  The Sheffield Daily Telegraph 6 January-9 June 1894 (weekly).
  11. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Thou Art the Man: A Novel.  The Gentlewoman 6 January-9 June 1894 (weekly).
  12. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Thou Art the Man: A Novel.  York Herald 23 June-24 November 1894 (weekly).
  13. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Thou Art the Man: A Novel.  The Cardiff Times 23 June-24 November 1894 (weekly).
  14. Rhoda Broughton.  A Beginner.  Temple Bar January-June 1894 (monthly).
  15. Rayne Butler.  In the Power of Two. The Spider and the Fly.  The Falkirk Herald 21 February-2 May 1894 (weekly).
  16. Caroline Emily Cameron.  A Bad Lot.  London Society January-December 1894 (monthly).
  17. Thomas Cobb.  The Disappearance of Mr. Derwent: A Mystery.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 30 June-25 August 1894 (weekly).
  18. Bithia Mary Croker.  Mr. Jervis.  The Nottinghamshire Guardian 7 July-17 November 1894 (weekly).
  19. Hugh Coleman Davidson.  The Story of a Lost Soul: A Novel.  The Morpeth Herald 1 September 1894-19 January 1895 (weekly).
  20. Mary Angela Dickens.  Prisoners of Silence.  All the Year Round 4 August 1894-16 March 1895 (weekly).
  21. Ella Hepworth Dixon.  The Story of a Modern Woman.  The Lady's Pictorial: A Newspaper for the Home 6 January-24 March 1894 (weekly).
  22. Richard Dowling.  A Dark Intruder.  England 6 October 1894-5 January 1895 (weekly).
  23. Arthur Conan Doyle.  The Parasite.  Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper 11 November-2 December 1894 (weekly).
  24. Arthur Conan Doyle.  The Stark Munro Letters.  The Idler October 1894-November 1895 (monthly).
  25. Arthur Conan Doyle.  The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard.  The Strand Magazine December 1894-December 1895 (monthly).
  26. George Du Maurier.  Trilby.  Harper's New Monthly Magazine January-June 1894 (monthly).
  27. Annie Edwards.  The Adventuress.  Temple Bar July-October 1894 (monthly).
  28. George Manville Fenn.  The White Virgin.  The Manchester Weekly Times 16 February-1 June 1894 (weekly).
  29. George Manville Fenn.  The White Virgin.  The Citizen 29 August-5 October 1894 (daily).
  30. George Manville Fenn.  The Parson o' Dumford: A Tale.  The Falkirk Herald 19 May-24 November 1894 (weekly).
  31. George Manville Fenn.  Black Blood.  The Lichfield Mercury 21 September 1894-8 March 1895 (weekly).
  32. Dorothea Gerard.  The Rich Miss Riddell.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine February-May 1894 (monthly).
  33. Dorothea Gerard.  An Arranged Marriage.  Longman's Magazine November 1894-May 1895 (monthly).
  34. Emily Jane Gerard.  A Foreigner: An Anglo-German Study.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine December 1894-December 1895 (monthly).
  35. Thomas Greer.  A Modern Daedalus.  The Newbery House Magazine January-June 1894 (monthly).
  36. H. Rider Haggard.  Joan Haste.  The Pall Mall Magazine September 1894-July 1895 (monthly).
  37. H. Rider Haggard.  Heart of the World.  Pearson's Weekly 11 August 1894-26 January 1895 (weekly).
  38. Thomas Hardy.  Jude the Obscure.  Harper's New Monthly Magazine December 1894-November 1895 (monthly).
  39. Joseph Hatton.  The Banishment of Jessop Blythe.  Northern Daily Mail 13 October 1894-16 February 1895 (weekly).
  40. Joseph Hatton.  The Banishment of Jessop Blythe.  The Nottinghamshire Guardian 13 October 1894-[?] February 1895 (weekly).
  41. Joseph Hatton.  The Banishment of Jessop Blythe.  Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle 13 October 1894-16 February 1895 (weekly).
  42. Julian Hawthorne.  A Tragic Mystery.  The Ipswich Journal 25 August-29 December 1894 (weekly).
  43. Julian Hawthorne.  A Tragic Mystery.  The Dover Express 2 March-15 June 1894 (weekly).
  44. Henry Herman.  The Great Beckleswaithe Mystery, and How it Was Solved: A Novel.  The Citizen 18 June-16 July 1894 (daily).
  45. Henry Herman.  The Sword of Fate.  Leicester Chronicle 30 June-13 October 1894 (weekly).
  46. Headon Hill.  The Rajah's Second Wife.  The British Weekly 4 January-26 April 1894 (weekly).
  47. Caroline C. Holroyd.  Seething Days: A Romance of Tudor Times.  The Newbery House Magazine July-December 1894 (monthly).
  48. Anthony Hope.  The Indiscretion of the Duchess: Being a Story Concerning Two Ladies, a Nobleman, and a Necklace.  Arrowsmith's Christmas Annual 1894.
  49. Fergus Hume.  The Lone Inn: A Mystery.  The Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 18 December 1894-7 January 1895 (daily).
  50. Fergus Hume.  The Lone Inn: A Mystery.  The Taunton Courier 14 February-28 March 1894 (weekly).
  51. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford.  Peter's Wife.  Belgravia January-December 1894 (monthly).
  52. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford.  The Three Graces: A Novel.  Atalanta October 1894-May 1895 (monthly).
  53. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford.  A Tug of War: A Novel.  Home Notes 15 December 1894-[?] 1895 (weekly).
  54. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford.  The Red-House Mystery: A Novel.  The Citizen 7 December 1894-15 January 1895 (daily).
  55. Mary Kennard.  Fooled by a Woman: A Novel.  Leicester Chronicle 29 September 1894-9 February 1895 (weekly).
  56. John Kirkwood Leys.  The Lawyer's Secret.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 7 July-29 December 1894 (weekly).
  57. Thomas Banks Maclachlan.  William Blacklock, Journalist: A Love Story of Press Life.  The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 1 May-6 November 1894 (weekly).
  58. Thomas Banks Maclachlan.  William Blacklock, Journalist: A Love Story of Press Life.  The Shields Daily Gazette 28 August-24 October 1894 (daily).
  59. William Hurrell Mallock.  The Heart of Life.  The Fortnightly Review November 1894-July 1895 (monthly).
  60. Florence Marryat.  The Beautiful Soul.  The Cardiff Times 1 September-3 November 1894 (weekly).
  61. Florence Marryat.  The Beautiful Soul.  The Shields Daily Gazette 21 November 1894-2 January 1895 (daily).
  62. Justin McCarthy.  The Red Diamonds.  The Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 13 February-2 April 1894 (daily).
  63. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade.  The Voice of the Charmer.  Cassell's Family Magazine December 1894-November 1895 (monthly).
  64. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade.  In an Iron Grip.  Cassell's Saturday Journal 17 January-16 May 1894 (weekly).
  65. Jean Middlemass.  The Mystery of Clement Dunraven.  Tamworth Herald 16 June-13 October 1894 (weekly).
  66. Bertram Mitford.  Renshaw Fanning's Quest: A Tale of the High Veldt.  Leicester Chronicle 12 May-15 September 1894 (weekly).
  67. Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock.  Stormlight: A Story of Love and Nihilism in Switzerland and Russia.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 1 September 1894-12 January 1895 (weekly).
  68. David Christie Murray.  A Rising Star: A Novel.  Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle 7 April-18 August 1894 (weekly).
  69. David Christie Murray.  A Rising Star: A Novel.  Northern Daily Mail 7 April-18 August 1894 (weekly).
  70. David Christie Murray.  A Rising Star: A Novel.  The Morpeth Herald 21 April-25 August 1894 (weekly).
  71. William Edward Norris.  Matthew Austin.  The Cornhill Magazine January-December 1894 (monthly).
  72. William Edward Norris.  A Victim of Good Luck.  The Illustrated London News 7 April-30 June 1894 (weekly).
  73. Margaret Oliphant.  Who Was Lost and Is Found: A Novel.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine June-November 1894 (monthly).
  74. E. Phillips Oppenheim.  The Postmaster of Market Deignton.  The Sheffield Daily Telegraph 6 October-10 November 1894 (weekly).
  75. Frances Mary Peard.  The Interloper: A Novel.  Temple Bar January-August 1894 (monthly).
  76. Frederick William Robinson.  Christie's Faith.  Tamworth Herald 13 October 1894-15 June 1895 (weekly).
  77. Dora Russell.  A Country Sweetheart: A Novel.  York Herald 3 February-14 July 1894 (weekly).
  78. Dora Russell.  The Last Signal.  The Citizen 14 July-28 August 1894 (daily).
  79. William Clark Russell.  The Convict Ship.  The People: A Newspaper for All Classes 30 December 1894-7 July 1895 (weekly).
  80. William Clark Russell.  The Good Ship "Mohock".  The Citizen 8 November-6 December 1894 (daily).
  81. William Clark Russell.  The Good Ship "Mohock".  The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 17 August-2 November 1894 (weekly).
  82. Adeline Sergeant.  Marjory's Mistake.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 27 January-28 July 1894 (weekly).
  83. Adeline Sergeant.  Sir Anthony.  The Aberdeen Weekly Journal 30 May 1894-6 February 1895 (weekly).
  84. Adeline Sergeant.  The Luck of the House: A Novel.  The Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 2 April-24 May 1894 (daily).
  85. Hawley Smart.  A Racing Rubber.  The Graphic 7 July-20 October 1894 (weekly).
  86. Thomas Wilkinson Speight.  The Grey Monk.  The Argosy January-December 1894 (monthly).
  87. Emily Spender.  True Marriage.  The Shields Daily Gazette 10 January-28 March 1894 (daily).
  88. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard.  A Born Soldier.  Leicester Chronicle 17 March-30 June 1894 (weekly).
  89. Frank R. Stockton.  Pomona's Travels.  The Pall Mall Magazine March-September 1894 (monthly).
  90. Esmé Stuart.  Married to Order: A Romance of Modern Days.  All the Year Round 6 January-1 September 1894 (weekly).
  91. Annie S. Swan.  Memories of Margaret Grainger, Schoolmistress.  The Woman at Home October 1894-September 1895 (monthly).
  92. Maggie Swan.  Through Love to Repentance.  Burnley Express 18 August-1 December 1894 (weekly).
  93. Maggie Swan.  Through Love to Repentance.  The Citizen 6 October-7 November 1894 (daily).
  94. Annie Thomas.  A Girl's Folly: A Novel.  London Society January-December 1894 (monthly).
  95. Ethel Sybil Turner.  Seven Little Australians.  Sylvia's Home Journal July-December 1894 (monthly; unfinished).
  96. Allen Upward.  A Bride's Madness.  Pearson's Weekly 29 December 1894.
  97. Allen Upward.  A Bride's Madness.  The Cardiff Times 9 June-1 September 1894 (weekly).
  98. Florence Warden.  A Sensational Case.  York Herald 17 November 1894-9 March 1895 (weekly).
  99. Gertrude Warden.  Five Old Maids: A Story of the South Coast.  The Family Herald 4 August-27 October 1894 (weekly).
  100. Stanley John Weyman.  Under the Red Robe.  The Illustrated London News 6 January-31 March 1894 (weekly).
  101. Émile Zola.  The Dream.  The Blackburn Standard 27 January-21 July 1894 (weekly).