Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1895:

  1. Effie Adelaide Maria Albanesi.  A Faithful Traitor.  The Family Herald 21 December 1895-21 March 1896 (weekly).
  2. Grant Allen.  The Jaws of Death.  England 27 April-8 June 1895 (weekly).
  3. William Black.  Highland Cousins.  The Lancashire Evening Post 15 May-18 July 1895 (daily).
  4. Guy Boothby.  A Bid for Fortune: or, Dr. Nikola's Vendetta.  The Windsor Magazine January-November 1895 (monthly).
  5. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Sons of Fire: A Novel.  Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle 15 June-16 November 1895 (weekly).
  6. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Sons of Fire: A Novel.  The Sheffield Daily Telegraph 5 January-8 June 1895 (weekly).
  7. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Sons of Fire: A Novel.  The Gentlewoman 3 January-8 June 1895 (weekly).
  8. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  London Pride: or, When the World was Younger.  York Herald 5 October 1895-[?] 1896 (weekly).
  9. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Sons of Fire: A Novel.  The Cardiff Times 15 June-16 Novmeber 1895 (weekly).
  10. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  London Pride: or, When the World was Younger.  The Cardiff Times 5 October 1895-28 March 1896 (weekly).
  11. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  London Pride: or, When the World was Younger.  The Leeds Times 5 October 1895-28 March 1896 (weekly).
  12. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Sons of Fire: A Novel.  The Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 8 October-17 December 1895 (daily).
  13. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Sons of Fire: A Novel.  Northern Daily Mail 15 June-16 November 1895 (weekly).
  14. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  London Pride: or, When the World was Younger.  Leicester Chronicle 5 October 1895-28 March 1896 (weekly).
  15. Rhoda Broughton.  Scylla or Charybdis?.  Temple Bar June-December 1895 (monthly).
  16. Lilian Rowland Brown.  The Story of Chris.  Lincolnshire Echo 31 January-22 February 1895 (daily).
  17. Robert Williams Buchanan.  Lady Kilpatrick.  The Lancashire Evening Post 23 October-11 November 1895 (daily).
  18. Robert Williams Buchanan.  The Moment After: A Tale of the Unseen.  The Nottinghamshire Guardian 19 October-9 November 1895 (weekly).
  19. Robert Williams Buchanan.  The Moment After: A Tale of the Unseen.  The Newcastle Weekly Courant 19 October-9 November 1895 (weekly).
  20. Rosa Nouchette Carey.  Cousin Mona.  The Girl's Own Paper 30 March-21 September 1895 (weekly).
  21. Christabel Rose Coleridge.  The Tender Mercies of the Good.  The Sunday Magazine for Family Reading January-December 1895 (monthly).
  22. S. R. Crockett.  Cleg Kelly: Arab of the City.  The Cornhill Magazine July 1895-March 1896 (monthly).
  23. Ella Jane Curtis.  A Game of Chance: A Novel.  The Manchester Courier 11 May-2 November 1895 (weekly).
  24. Hugh Coleman Davidson.  The Story of a Lost Soul: A Novel.  The Shields Daily Gazette 3 January-28 February 1895 (daily).
  25. Edith Stewart Drewry.  For Somebody's Sake: A Novel.  Tamworth Herald 15 June-30 November 1895 (weekly).
  26. Sara Jeanette Duncan.  His Honor and a Lady.  The Pall Mall Magazine September 1895-February 1896 (monthly).
  27. James Eastwick.  The New Centurion: A Tale of Automatic War.  Longman's Magazine September-October 1895 (monthly).
  28. George Manville Fenn.  In an Alpine Valley.  The Lancashire Evening Post 11 November-23 December 1895 (daily).
  29. George Manville Fenn.  An Electric Spark.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 1 June-28 December 1895 (weekly).
  30. Alfred H. Fletcher.  Lost in the Mine: A Tale of the Great Coal Strike.  The Leeds Times 29 June-28 September 1895 (weekly).
  31. Constance Fletcher.  For Plain Women Only.  Pall Mall Gazette 7 May-14 August 1895 (weekly).
  32. Agnes Giberne.  The Girl at the Dower House and Afterward.  Atalanta October 1895-March 1896 (monthly).
  33. George Gissing.  Eve's Ransom.  The Illustrated London News 5 January-30 March 1895 (weekly).
  34. George Griffith.  Valdar the Oft-Born: A Saga of Seven Ages.  Pearson's Weekly 2 February-24 August 1895 (weekly).
  35. George Alfred Henty.  A Woman of the Commune: A Tale of Two Sieges of Paris.  The Cardiff Times 27 April-12 October 1895 (weekly).
  36. George Alfred Henty.  A Woman of the Commune: A Tale of Two Sieges of Paris.  Cheshire Observer 27 April-12 October 1895 (weekly).
  37. Henry Herman.  His Angel: A Romance of the Far West.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 23 March-4 May 1895 (weekly).
  38. Headon Hill.  Guilty Gold: A Romance of Financial Fraud and City Crime.  Pearson's Weekly 10 August-21 December 1895 (weekly).
  39. John Oliver Hobbes.  The Gods, Some Mortals and Lord Wickenham.  Pall Mall Budget [?]-[?] 1895 (monthly).
  40. Sydney Hodges.  When Leaves were Green: A Novel.  The Argosy January-December 1895 (monthly).
  41. Anthony Hope.  The Chronicles of Count Antonio.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 5 January-20 April 1895 (weekly).
  42. Fergus Hume.  The Masquerade Mystery.  The Leeds Times 23 February-15 June 1895 (weekly).
  43. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford.  A Point of Conscience.  The Gentlewoman 6 July-28 December 1895 (weekly).
  44. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford.  The Professor's Experiment: A Novel.  York Herald 9 March-31 August 1895 (weekly).
  45. Mary Kennard.  Fooled by a Woman: A Novel.  The Lancashire Evening Post 16 July-31 August 1895 (daily).
  46. Arthur Williams Marchmont.  Sir Jaffray's Wife.  The Citizen 6 May-18 June 1895 (daily).
  47. Arthur Williams Marchmont.  Sir Jaffray's Wife.  The Newcastle Weekly Courant 12 January-20 April 1895 (weekly).
  48. Justin McCarthy.  The Red Diamonds.  The Citizen 2 March-4 May 1895 (daily).
  49. Jean Middlemass.  Hush Money.  The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 6 August 1895-7 January 1896 (weekly).
  50. Jean Middlemass.  Hush Money.  The Lichfield Mercury 2 August 1895-10 January 1896 (weekly).
  51. Margaret Oliphant.  Old Mr Tredgold.  Longman's Magazine June 1895-May 1896 (monthly).
  52. E. Phillips Oppenheim.  The World's Great Snare.  The Sheffield Daily Telegraph 5 October-16 November 1895 (weekly).
  53. James Payn.  A Modern Dick Whittington: or, A Patron of Letters.  The Lancashire Evening Post 14 February-1 April 1895 (daily).
  54. Alice Perrin.  Late in Life.  Belgravia January-November 1895 (monthly).
  55. Rosa Caroline Praed.  Mrs. Tregaskiss: A Novel of Anglo-Australian Life.  The Queen 6 July-14 December 1895 (weekly).
  56. Walter Raymond.  In the Smoke of War: A Story of Civil Strife.  Arrowsmith's Christmas Annual 1895.
  57. Charlotte Elizabeth Riddell.  A Rich Man's Daughter.  Leicester Chronicle 5 January-18 May 1895 (weekly).
  58. Frederick William Robinson.  The Woman in the Dark.  Leeds Mercury 6 July-21 September 1895 (weekly).
  59. Dora Russell.  A Strange Message: A Novel.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 19 October 1895-28 March 1896 (weekly).
  60. Dora Russell.  The Last Signal.  The Northampton Mercury 1 February-2 August 1895 (weekly).
  61. William Clark Russell.  Heart of Oak: A Three-stranded Yarn.  Good Words January-December 1895 (monthly).
  62. William Clark Russell.  The Tale of the Ten: A Salt-Water Romance.  Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle 16 February-27 July 1895 (weekly).
  63. William Clark Russell.  My Danish Sweetheart.  Cheshire Observer 19 October 1895-11 April 1896 (weekly).
  64. Hugh Stowell Scott.  The Grey Lady.  The Windsor Magazine January-November 1895 (monthly).
  65. Adeline Sergeant.  Dr. Endicott's Experiment.  Cheshire Observer 26 January-30 March 1895 (weekly).
  66. Adeline Sergeant.  A Deadly Foe: A Romance of the Northern Seas.  The Lancashire Evening Post 30 March-18 April 1895 (daily).
  67. Cecily Sidgwick.  A Woman with a Future.  The Illustrated London News 23 November-28 December 1895 (weekly).
  68. Hawley Smart.  At Fault: A Novel.  The Manchester Courier 2 November 1895-[?] 1896 (weekly).
  69. Edward Harold Spender.  At the Sign of the Guillotine.  The Lancashire Evening Post 21 December 1895-18 January 1896 (daily).
  70. Lillian Spender.  Thirteen Stories.  The Leeds Times 2 February-6 April 1895 (weekly).
  71. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard.  A Born Soldier.  The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 25 January-26 July 1895 (weekly).
  72. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard.  A Magnificent Young Man: A Novel.  Leicester Chronicle 6 April-20 July 1895 (weekly).
  73. Robert Louis Stevenson.  The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Two Roses.  The Aberdeen Weekly Journal 16 January-8 May 1895 (weekly).
  74. Annie S. Swan.  Mrs. Keith Hamilton, M.B.: More Experiences of Elizabeth Glen.  The Woman at Home October 1895-August 1896 (monthly).
  75. Maggie Swan.  Life's Blindfold Game.  Burnley Express 20 April-31 August 1895 (weekly).
  76. Louis Tracy.  The Final War: A Story of the Great Betrayed.  Pearson's Weekly 28 December 1895-1 August 1896 (weekly).
  77. Allen Upward.  The Prince of Balkistan.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 12 January-25 May 1895 (weekly).
  78. Mary Augusta Ward.  The Story of Bessie Costrell.  The Cornhill Magazine May-July 1895 (monthly).
  79. Gertrude Warden.  Her Fairy Prince.  The Family Herald [?] July-5 October 1895 (weekly).
  80. H. G. Wells.  The Time Machine: An Invention.  The New Review January-May 1895 (monthly).
  81. William Bury Westall.  Sons of Belial.  The Manchester Weekly Times 29 March-12 July 1895 (weekly).