Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1896:

  1. Mrs. Alexander.  A Winning Hazard.  The Lancashire Evening Post 27 February-28 March 1896 (daily).
  2. Sabine Baring-Gould.  The Broom-Squire.  Cheshire Observer 18 April-10 October 1896 (weekly).
  3. Ellen Baseley.  The Dowager's Secret: Leaves from Frank Capel's Diary.  The Manchester Courier [?]-12 September 1896 (weekly).
  4. Walter Besant.  The City of Refuge.  The Pall Mall Magazine March-October 1896 (monthly).
  5. Walter Besant.  The Master Craftsman.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 4 January-27 June 1896 (weekly).
  6. Richard Doddridge Blackmore.  Dariel: A Romance of Surrey.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine October 1896-October 1897 (monthly).
  7. Guy Boothby.  Doctor Nikola.  The Windsor Magazine January-August 1896 (monthly).
  8. Guy Boothby.  The Fascination of the King.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 15 August-26 December 1896 (weekly).
  9. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  All Along the River.  The London Journal 4 January-16 May 1896 (weekly).
  10. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Under Love's Rule.  The Cardiff Times 10 October-12 December 1896 (weekly).
  11. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Under Love's Rule.  The Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 10 October-12 December 1896 (weekly).
  12. Robert Williams Buchanan.  A Marriage by Capture: A Romance of To-day.  The Lancashire Evening Post 26 August-4 September 1896 (daily).
  13. Hall Caine.  The Christian: A Story.  The Windsor Magazine December 1896-November 1897 (monthly).
  14. Rosa Nouchette Carey.  Dr. Luttrell's First Patient.  The Girl's Own Paper 3 October 1896-20 March 1897 (weekly).
  15. Mary Cholmondeley.  A Devotee: An Episode in the Life of a Butterfly.  Temple Bar August-October 1896 (monthly).
  16. Christabel Rose Coleridge.  Ravenstone.  The Monthly Packet January-June 1896 (monthly).
  17. Marie Corelli.  Jane: A Social Incident.  The Lady's Realm November 1896.
  18. S. R. Crockett.  Lad's Love: An Idyll.  The Lady's Realm November 1896-April 1897 (monthly).
  19. S. R. Crockett.  The Grey Man.  The Nottinghamshire Guardian 4 January-27 June 1896 (weekly).
  20. May Crommelin.  Mr. and Mrs. Herries: A Novel.  England 7 March-18 July 1896 (weekly).
  21. May Crommelin.  Half Round the World for a Husband: A Comedy of Errors.  Leicester Chronicle 8 February-16 May 1896 (weekly).
  22. May Crommelin.  Half Round the World for a Husband: A Comedy of Errors.  The Lichfield Mercury 28 August-4 December 1896 (weekly).
  23. William James Dawson.  The Story of Hannah.  The Sunday Magazine for Family Reading January-December 1896 (monthly).
  24. Edmund Downey.  The Ugly Man.  The Shields Daily Gazette 26 May-13 July 1896 (daily).
  25. Arthur Conan Doyle.  Rodney Stone.  The Strand Magazine January-December 1896 (monthly).
  26. Benjamin Leopold Farjeon.  The Betrayal of John Fordham.  The Newcastle Weekly Courant 4 January-16 May 1896 (weekly).
  27. George Manville Fenn.  Cursed by a Fortune.  Leicester Chronicle 4 April-15 August 1896 (weekly).
  28. Mary H. Folkard.  Within her Grasp.  The Northampton Mercury [?] 1896-9 July 1897 (weekly).
  29. Mary H. Folkard.  Within her Grasp.  The Morpeth Herald 21 March-29 August 1896 (weekly).
  30. Ernest Glanville.  The Golden Rock.  The Cardiff Times 4 April-8 August 1896 (weekly).
  31. George Griffith.  Briton or Boer?: A Tale of the Fight for Africa.  Pearson's Weekly 8 August 1896-9 January 1897 (weekly).
  32. H. Rider Haggard.  The Wizard.  Arrowsmith's Christmas Annual 1896.
  33. George Alfred Henty.  The Queen's Cup: A Novel.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 1 August-12 December 1896 (weekly).
  34. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford.  The Coming of Chloe: A Novel.  Leicester Chronicle 19 September 1896-2 January 1897 (weekly).
  35. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford.  The Coming of Chloe: A Novel.  The Burnley Gazette 10 October 1896-30 January 1897 (weekly).
  36. Henry James.  The Other House.  The Illustrated London News 4 July-26 September 1896 (weekly).
  37. Coulson Kernahan.  Captain Shannon.  The Windsor Magazine July-November 1896 (monthly).
  38. Rudyard Kipling.  Captains Courageous: A Story of the Grand Banks.  Pearson's Magazine December 1896-April 1897 (monthly).
  39. John Kirkwood Leys.  The Broken Fetter.  The Shields Daily Gazette 19 November 1896-9 January 1897 (daily).
  40. Ian Maclaren.  Kate Carnegie and those Ministers.  The Woman at Home January-December 1896 (monthly).
  41. Katharine S. Macquoid.  His Last Card.  The Shields Daily Gazette 22 January-14 March 1896 (daily).
  42. Florence Marryat.  A Passing Madness.  The Leeds Times 21 November 1896-6 February 1897 (weekly).
  43. Emma Marshall.  Lady Rosalind: or, Family Feuds.  The Sunday Magazine for Family Reading January-December 1896 (monthly).
  44. Helen Mathers.  The Sin of Hagar.  The Burnley Gazette 4 January-28 March 1896 (weekly).
  45. Justin Huntly McCarthy.  The Royal Christopher.  The Leeds Times 1 August-31 October 1896 (weekly).
  46. Justin Huntly McCarthy.  The Royal Christopher.  The Shields Daily Gazette 12 September-14 October (daily).
  47. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade.  Dr. Rumsey's Patient: A Very Strange Story.  Northern Daily Mail 28 March-20 June 1896 (weekly).
  48. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade.  Dr. Rumsey's Patient: A Very Strange Story.  Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle 28 March-20 June 1896 (weekly).
  49. Jean Middlemass.  Hush Money.  The Lancashire Evening Post 16 April-9 June 1896 (daily).
  50. Alice Price.  A Wilful Young Woman.  Tamworth Herald 7 November 1896-[?] 1897 (weekly).
  51. Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.  Dead Man's Rock: A Romance.  The Ipswich Journal 1 February-23 May 1896 (weekly).
  52. Mary Catherine Rowsell.  Miss Vanbrugh.  Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle 3 October-19 December 1896 (weekly).
  53. William Clark Russell.  My Danish Sweetheart.  The Lancashire Evening Post 16 January-27 February 1896 (daily).
  54. Adeline Sergeant.  Jacobi's Wife: A Novel.  The London Journal 5 December 1896-12 June 1897 (weekly).
  55. Adeline Sergeant.  A Rogue's Daughter.  The Lancashire Evening Post 3 September-9 October 1896 (daily).
  56. Edward Harold Spender.  At the Sign of the Guillotine.  The Ipswich Journal 30 May-22 August 1896 (weekly).
  57. Lillian Spender.  A Waking.  The Citizen 7 April-28 July 1896 (daily).
  58. Lillian Spender.  Thirteen Stories.  The Citizen 18-25 August 1896 (daily).
  59. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard.  The Strange Story of my Life: A Novel.  The Leeds Times 16 May-29 August 1896 (weekly).
  60. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard.  The Strange Story of my Life: A Novel.  York Herald 16 May-29 August 1896 (weekly).
  61. Robert Louis Stevenson.  Weir of Hermiston: An Unfinished Romance.  Cosmopolis January-April 1894 (monthly).
  62. Robert Louis Stevenson.  St. Ives: Being the Adventures of a French Prisoner in England.  The Pall Mall Magazine November 1896-November 1897 (monthly).
  63. Annie S. Swan.  Wyndham's Daughter: A Story of To-day.  The Woman at Home October 1896-September 1897 (monthly).
  64. Louis Tracy.  An American Emperor: The Story of the Fourth Empire of France.  Pearson's Weekly 26 December 1896-26 June 1897 (weekly).
  65. Gertrude Warden.  An Angel of Evil.  The Family Herald 24 October 1896-9 January 1897 (weekly).
  66. Lily Watson.  A Child of Genius.  The Girl's Own Paper 18 April-26 September 1896 (weekly).
  67. Roma White.  The Changeling of Brandlesome.  The Monthly Packet January-June 1896 (monthly).