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Author and Title: Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Milly Darrell, and Other Tales


  • "Milly Darrell." Belgravia, November 1870-January 1871 (monthly)
  • "The Splendid Stranger." Belgravia, March 1870
  • "The Sins of the Fathers." Belgravia, October 1870
  • "Mr. and Mrs. de Fontenoy." Belgravia, February 1870
  • "On the Brink." Belgravia, September 1870
  • "At Chrighton Abbey." Belgravia, May 1871
  • "Old Rudderford Hall." Belgravia, Christmas Number 1872
  • "The Dreaded Guest." Belgravia, Christmas Number 1872
  • "Colonel Benyon's Entanglement." Belgravia, July-August 1872 (monthly)
  • "A Good Hater." Belgravia, Christmas Number 1873
  • "Three Times." Belgravia, Christmas Number 1873

First Edition: London: John Maxwell, 1873. 3 volumes, post 8vo., 31s 6d.



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