At the Circulating Library Title Information: Disillusion

Author and Title: Dorothy Leighton. Disillusion: A Story with a Preface

First Edition: London: Henry, 1894. 3 volumes, cr. 8vo., 31s. 6d.

Summary: The novel centers on Mark Sergison and Linda Grey, both members of the Spade Club dedicated to progressive work for the good of humanity. Mark and Linda are decidedly friends and collaborators, not lovers. Mark falls under the thrall of Celia Adair, the captivating daughter of a diplomatist. He ends his struggle between his duty to the Spade Club and his passion for Celia by marrying her, quitting his club, and becoming a journalist. The marriage fails when Mark realizes his genuine affection for her is not returned. His disillusion is confirmed by Celia's callous treatment of their child and himself. She eventually elopes with a previous suitor Alec Watson. In the meantime, Linda confesses her great love for Mark. Celia returns to Mark after the selfish Alec abandons her and she soon dies. The novel ends uncertainly about the future relationship between Mark and Linda.


References: EC; "New Novels," The Academy (13 October 1894)