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Author and Title: Grant Allen. Twelve Tales with a Headpiece, a Tailpiece, and an Intermezzo: Being Select Stories by Grant Allen


First Edition: London: Grant Richards, 1899. 1 volume, 8vo., 6s.

Summary: Contains the short stories "A Confidential Communication," "The Reverend John Creedy" [reprint], "Frasine's First Communion," "The Child of the Phalanstery" [reprint], "The Abbé's Repentance" [reprint], "Wolverden Tower," "Janet's Nemesis," "Langalula," "The Curate of Churnside" [reprint], "Cecca's Lover," "The Backslider" [reprint], "John Cann's Treasure" [reprint], "Ivan Greet's Masterpiece" [reprint], "The Churchwarden's Brother," and "A Matter of Standpoint."


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