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Title Author Year
The Island of Dr. Moreau Wells, H. G. 1896
The Island of Fantasy: A Romance Hume, Fergus 1892
The Island of Gold: A Sailor's Yarn Stables, William Gordon 1898
The Island of Seven Shadows White, Roma 1898
The Island of the Rainbow: A Fairy Tale and... Crosland, Camilla Dufour 1866
The Island Queen: A Tale of the Southern He... Ballantyne, R. M. 1885
The Isle of Unrest Scott, Hugh Stowell 1899
The Italians Elliot, Frances 1875
The Ivory Bride Pinkerton, Thomas A. 1900
The Ivory Gate Besant, Walter 1892
The Ivory Gate Collins, Edward James Mortimer 1869
The Jack O'Lantern: or, The Privateer Cooper, James Fenimore 1842
The Jacobins in Hungary: A Tale Pulszky, Ferenc 1851
The Jacquerie: or, The Lady and the Page. A... James, G. P. R. 1841
The Jaws of Death Allen, Grant 1889
The Jealous Wife Pardoe, Julia S. H. 1855
The Jessamines Stebbing, Grace 1888
The Jessamy Bride Moore, Frank Frankfort 1897
The Jesuit: A Picture of Manners and Charac... Spindler, Carl 1839
The Jesuit at Cambridge Stephen, Sir George 1847
The Jew's Daughter: or, The Witch of the Wa... Bennett, Mary E. 1839
The Jewel of the Seven Stars Stoker, Bram 1903
The Jewel Reputation Aylmer-Gowing, Emilia Julia 1888
The Jewess: A Tale from the Shores of the B... Eastlake, Lady 1843
The Jews in the East Frankl, Ludwig August von 1859
The Jilt: A Novel Smythies, Harriet Maria 1844
The Jilt and Other Stories Reade, Charles 1884
The Joint-Stock Banker: A Tale of the Day Costello, Dudley 1856
The Jolly Boat: or, Perils and Disasters il... Russell, William 1865
The Jolly Pashas: The Story of an Unphilant... Steuart, John Alexander 1892
The Joss: A Reversion Marsh, Richard 1901
The Journal of a Jealous Woman White, Percy 1900
The Journalist Keary, Charles Francis 1898
The Joy of my Youth Nicholson, Claud 1897
The Judge of the Four Corners Burgin, George Brown 1896
The Judgement of Helen Cobb, Thomas 1899
The Judgment Books Benson, Edward Frederic 1895
The Juggler and the Soul Mathers, Helen 1896
The Jungle Book Kipling, Rudyard 1894
The Junior Dean: A Novel Marshall, Frances L. 1891
The Just and the Unjust Bagot, Richard 1901
The Justice of Revenge Griffith, George 1901
The Justification of Andrew Lebrun Barrett, Frank 1894
The Keeper of the Keys Robinson, Frederick William 1890
The Keeper of the Waters and Other Stories Roberts, Morley 1898
The Keepers of the People Jepson, Edgar Alfred 1898
The Kellys and the O'Kellys: or, Landlords ... Trollope, Anthony 1848
The Key to the Riddle Comrie, Margaret S. 1901
The Kickleburys on the Rhine Thackeray, William Makepeace 1850
The Kiddle-a-Wink: or, Ghostly Stories on t... Notley, Frances E. M. 1864
The Kidnapped President Boothby, Guy 1902
The Kindness of the Celestial, and Other St... Pain, Barry 1894
The King and the Countess: A Romance Fullom, Stephen Watson 1849
The King can do no Wrong Sneyd, Pamela 1886
The King in Yellow Chambers, Robert W. 1895
The King of Andaman: A Savior of Society Cobban, James Maclaren 1895
The King of Bath: or, Life at a Spa in the ... Hibbert-Ware, Mary Clementina 1879
The King of Schnorrers: Grotesques and Fant... Zangwill, Israel 1894
The King of the Golden River: or, The Black... Ruskin, John 1851
The King of Topsy-Turvy Lillie, Arthur 1870
The King with Two Faces Coleridge, Mary Elizabeth 1897
The King's Assegai: A Matabili Story Mitford, Bertram 1894
The King's Deputy: A Romance of the Last Ce... Hinkson, Henry Albert 1899
The King's Favourite Taylor, Una Ashworth 1892
The King's Guide: A Romance Davies, Naunton Wingfield 1901
The King's Highway James, G. P. R. 1840
The King's Jackal Davis, Richard Harding 1898
The King's Light-Bearer: or, Shining for Je... Comrie, Margaret S. 1893
The King's Mail Holl, Henry 1863
The King's Mirror Hope, Anthony 1899
The King's Oak, and Other Stories Cromie, Robert 1897
The King's Own Marryat, Frederick 1830
The King's Own Borderers: A Military Romance Grant, James 1865
The King's Page: An Historical Romance Wraxall, Sir Lascelles 1862
The King's Physician, and Other Tales Levetus, Celia Moss 1865
The King's Reeve and How He Supped with his... Gilliat, Edward 1898
The King's Revenge Bray, Sir Claude Arthur 1896
The King's Servants Stretton, Hesba 1873
The King's Service: A Story of the Thirty-Y... Alcock, Deborah 1885
The King's Signet: or, The Story of a Hugue... Pollard, Eliza Fanny 1900
The King's Son: A Romance of English History Hofland, Barbara 1843
The King's Stirrup: A Tale of the Forest Mitchell, Elizabeth Harcourt 1896
The Kingdom of a Heart Albanesi, Effie Adelaide Maria 1899
The Kingdom of Hate: A Romance Gallon, Tom 1899
The Kings of the East: A Romance of the Nea... Grier, Sydney C. 1900
The Kinnears: A Scottish Story Keddie, Henrietta 1852
The Kiss of Isis, and The Mystery of Castle... Haggard, Edward Arthur 1900
The Kloof Bride: or, The Lover's Quest Glanville, Ernest 1898
The Knave of Clubs: A Novel O'Donoghue, Nannie Power 1868
The Knave of Hearts: A Novel Diehl, Alice Mangoldt 1884
The Knave of Hearts: A Novel Hall, Mrs. Frederick 1858
The Knight of Gwynne: A Tale of the Time of... Lever, Charles 1847
The Knights of Rosemullion Stuart, Esmé 1898
The Knights of the White Rose Griffith, George 1897
The Knobstick: A Story of Love and Labour Clarke, Charles Allen 1893
The Kopje Garrison: A Tale of the Boer War Fenn, George Manville 1901
The Ladder of Gold: An English Story Bell, Robert 1850
The Ladder of Life: A Heart-History Edwards, Amelia B. 1857
The Ladies Gallery: A Novel McCarthy, Justin 1888
The Ladies Lindores Oliphant, Margaret 1883

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