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Title Author Year
Port Salvation: or, The Evangelist Daudet, Alphonse 1883
Portia: or, By Passions Rocked Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe 1883
Position: A Novel Ouida, 1890
Possessed of Devils Gorst, Nina Cecelia Francesca 1897
Post Haste: A Tale of Her Majesty's Mails Ballantyne, R. M. 1880
Post Mortem Brookfield, Arthur Montagu 1881
Poste Restante: A Novel Hargreaves, C. Y. 1894
Posthumous Records of a London Clergyman Caunter, John Hobart 1835
Potsherds Birchenough, Mabel C. 1898
Power's Partner Byrne, May 1876
Prairie Folks Garland, Hamlin 1893
Precautions: A Novel Majendie, Lady Margaret 1887
Precept and Practice Hook, Theodore Edward 1840
Preferment: or, My Uncle the Earl Gore, Catherine 1840
Prejudged Montgomery, Florence Sophia 1900
Premiums Paid to Experience: Incidents in m... Mayo, Isabella 1872
Preston Fight: or, The Insurrection of 1715 Ainsworth, William Harrison 1875
Pretty Miss Bellew: A Tale of Home Life Gift, Theo 1875
Pretty Miss Neville Croker, Bithia Mary 1883
Pretty Miss Smith: A Novel Warden, Florence 1891
Pretty Pink's Purpose: or, The Little Stree... Paull, Mary Anna 1886
Pretty Polly: A Farce in Fyttes Fenn, George Manville 1878
Pride and Irresolution: A New Series of the... Ponsonby, Lady Emily 1850
Pride and Principle: or, The Captain of Elv... Paull, Susanna Mary 1869
Priests and People: A No-Rent Romance Anonymous, 1891
Prim's Story Tiddeman, Lizzie Ellen 1892
Primrose: or, The Bells of Old Effingham Marshall, Emma 1870
Primus in Indis: A Romance Scott, Margaret Julia 1885
Prince Charming: A Fantastic Episode in a C... Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1901
Prince Dick of Dahomey: or, Adventures in t... Greenwood, James 1890
Prince Fortune and Prince Fatal Carrington, Mrs. 1880
Prince Hugo: A Bright Episode Grant, Maria M. 1880
Prince Karl: A Story of the Black Forest Teague, Rev. John Jessop 1900
Prince Maskiloff: A Romance of Modern Oxford Evans, Rev. Albert Eubule 1889
Prince Otto: A Romance Stevenson, Robert Louis 1885
Prince Peerless: A Fairy Folk Story Book Galletti di Cadilhac, Count... 1887
Prince Prigio Lang, Andrew 1889
Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia: Being the Adv... Lang, Andrew 1893
Prince Roderick: A Novel Murray, Reginald T. S. C. G... 1889
Prince Rupert the Buccaneer Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe 1901
Prince Saroni's Wife, and Other Stories Hawthorne, Julian 1882
Prince Serebrenni Tolstoy, Count Aleksey 1874
Prince Zaleski Shiel, M. P. 1895
Prince Zilah Claretie, Jules 1885
Princess F├ędor's Pledge, and Other Stories Fenn, George Manville 1890
Princess Napraxine Ouida, 1884
Princess Sarah and Other Stories Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1897
Princess Sophia Benson, Edward Frederic 1900
Princess Sunshine, and Other Stories Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1889
Prinkle and his Friends: A Novel Shearar, James 1877
Pris Whitaker, Evelyn 1892
Priscilla: A Story for Girls Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1900
Priscilla: A Story for Girls Bedford, H. Louisa 1900
Prison Characters Drawn from Life, by a Pri... Robinson, Frederick William 1866
Prisoners and Captives Scott, Hugh Stowell 1891
Prisoners of Conscience Barr, Amelia E. 1897
Prisoners of Hope Smith, Constance Isabella S... 1898
Prisoners of Hope: A Story of the Faith Alcock, Deborah 1894
Prisoners of Silence Dickens, Mary Angela 1895
Private Bobs and the New Recruit Birchenough, Mabel C. 1901
Private Inquiry Ross, Charles Henry 1870
Private Tinker and Other Stories Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1895
Pro Patria: The Autobiography of an Irish C... Mackay, William 1883
Pro Patria Pemberton, Max 1901
Pro Patria: A Small Sketch on a Vast Subject Delaire, Jean 1897
Probation: A Novel Fothergill, Jessie 1879
Professions: A Novel Tayleure, Floyd 1852
Progress and Prejudice Gore, Catherine 1854
Promises and Vows Shipton, Helen 1887
Proper Pride: A Novel Croker, Bithia Mary 1882
Prophet Peter: A Study in Delusions Lindsay, Mayne 1902
Prosy Jane: or, The Puritan's Bequest Graves, Gregory 1868
Proud as Lucifer: A Novel O'Farrell, Burke 1877
Proud Maisie: A Novel Thomas, Bertha 1877
Proved in the Fire: A Story of the Burning ... Duthie, William 1867
Proved Unworthy Cameron, Caroline Emily 1891
Provincial Papers, Being a Collection of Ta... Hatton, Joseph 1861
Provincial Sketches Scargill, William Pitt 1835
Prudence Palfrey Aldrich, Thomas Bailey 1874
Prudence Winterburn Doudney, Sarah 1886
Prue the Poetess Bedford, H. Louisa 1897
Publicans and Sinners: A Novel Bosvile, Godfrey 1900
Puck: His Vicissitudes, Adventures, etc Ouida, 1870
Puck and Pearl: The Wanderings and Wonderin... Macdonald, Frederika 1887
Pueris Reverentia: A Story for Boys and Mas... Pullen, Henry William 1892
Puffs of Wind Dickens, Helen 1901
Punch, Judy, and Toby: A Tale Bramston, Mary Eliza 1896
Punchinello's Romance White, Roma 1892
Punished and Pardoned: or, How Does it End?... Orr, Mrs. Alexander S. 1873
Puppets: A Romance Fitzgerald, Percy H. 1884
Puppets Dallying: A Novel Lillie, Arthur 1872
Pure Gold Cameron, Caroline Emily 1884
Purple and Fine Linen: A Novel Fraser, Mrs. Alexander 1889
Pursued by the Law Cobban, James Maclaren 1899
Put Asunder Lemore, Clara 1895
Put to the Proof Fothergill, Caroline Janet 1883
Put to the Test: A Novel Buisson, Ada 1865
Put to the Test Hering, Jeanie 1889
Put Yourself in His Place Reade, Charles 1870
Pyrna, A Commune: or, Under the Ice Davis, Ellis James 1875

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