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Title Author Year
The Well in the Orchard Alcock, Deborah 1895
The Well-Beloved: A Sketch of a Temperment Hardy, Thomas 1897
The Wellfields: A Novel Fothergill, Jessie 1880
The Welsh Heiress: A Novel Spooner, L. M. 1868
The Were-wolf Housman, Clemence 1896
The West End: A Novel White, Percy 1900
The Westhorpe Mystery: A Story Hardy, Iza Duffus 1886
The Westlakes Cobb, Thomas 1892
The Wetherbys, Father and Son: or, Sundry C... Lang, John 1853
The Whale: or, Moby Dick Melville, Herman 1851
The Wheel of Fortune: A Story of Modern Life Ryder, E. A. 1875
The Wheel of God Egerton, George 1898
The Wheels of Chance: A Holiday Adventure Wells, H. G. 1896
The Whirligig Lindsay, Mayne 1901
The Whirlpool Gissing, George 1897
The Whistling Maid: A Romance Rhys, Ernest 1900
The White Aigrette Vincent, Vin 1894
The White Blind: A Realistic and Sensationa... Scudamore, F. A. 1889
The White Brunswickers: or, Reminiscences o... Adams, Henry Cadwallader 1865
The White Chapel: A Story Stuart, Esmé 1881
The White Chief: A Legend of Northern Mexico Reid, Capt. Mayne 1855
The White Chief of the Caffres Drayson, Alfred Wilks 1887
The White Company Doyle, Arthur Conan 1891
The White Dove Locke, William John 1900
The White Dove of Amritzir: A Romance of An... Pollard, Eliza Fanny 1896
The White Elephant: or, The Hunters of Ava ... Dalton, William 1860
The White Feather and Other Stories Crawfurd, Oswald John Frede... 1896
The White Flower Fenn, Clive Robert 1900
The White Gauntlet Reid, Capt. Mayne 1865
The White Hecatomb, and Other Stories Scully, William Charles 1897
The White House by the Sea: A Story Betham-Edwards, Matilda Bar... 1857
The White Kaid of the Atlas Cobban, James Maclaren 1894
The White King of Manoa: An Anglo-Spanish R... Hatton, Joseph 1899
The White King's Daughter: A Story of the P... Marshall, Emma 1895
The White Ladye of Rosemount: A Story of th... Coleman, John 1889
The White Lie: A Novel Devonshire, F. 1867
The White Lily of the Great Sahara: A Roman... Eden, Charles Henry 1879
The White Man's Foot Allen, Grant 1888
The White Mask Thomson, Katherine 1844
The White Prior: A Family Mystery Hume, Fergus 1895
The White Rat and Some Other Stories Barker, Lady 1881
The White Rose Whyte-Melville, George John 1868
The White Rose of Chayleigh: A Novel Rhodes, Emma 1862
The White Rose of the Huron: A Novel Munro, Georgina C. 1852
The White Shield Mitford, Bertram 1895
The White Slave: or, The Russian Peasant Girl Henningsen, Charles Frederick 1845
The White Slave: A Romance of the Nineteent... Rymer, James Malcolm 1845
The White Squall: A Story of the Sargasso Sea Hutcheson, John Conroy 1887
The White Tzar Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1896
The White Virgin Fenn, George Manville 1894
The White Wife: With Other Stories, Superna... Bradley, Edward 1865
The White Witch: A Novel Warden, Florence 1884
The White Witch of Mayfair Griffith, George 1902
The White Witch of the Matabele Whishaw, Fred 1897
The White Woman Tirebuck, William Edward 1899
The White-headed Boy Bartram, George 1898
The Whiteboy: A Story of Ireland in 1822 Hall, Anna Maria 1845
The Whole Difference Kerr, Lady Amabel 1902
The Wicked Woods of Tobereevil Mulholland, Rosa 1872
The Widow Barnaby Trollope, Frances Milton 1839
The Widow Green and Her Three Nieces Ellis, Sarah Stickney 1859
The Widow Married: A Sequel to The Widow Ba... Trollope, Frances Milton 1840
The Widow Unmasked: or, The Firebrand in th... Wylde, Flora Frances 1875
The Widower Norris, William Edward 1898
The Wife and Woman's Reward Norton, Caroline Sheridan 1835
The Wife Hunter, and Flora Douglas: Tales b... Daunt, William O'Neill 1838
The Wife's Error Blake, Lady 1866
The Wife's Evidence Wills, William Gorman 1864
The Wife's Peril: A Romance Lockhart, John Ingram 1867
The Wife's Sister: or, Forbidden Marriage Hubback, Catherine Anne 1851
The Wife's Temptation: A Tale of Belgravia Challice, Annie Emma 1859
The Wife's Trials: A Novel BTAO "The Wife's Trials", 1855
The Wife's Trials: A Tale Worboise, Emma Jane 1858
The Wild Birds of Killeevy Mulholland, Rosa 1883
The Wild Curate: A Novel Allan, James McGrigor 1887
The Wild Flower of Ravensworth Betham-Edwards, Matilda Bar... 1866
The Wild Gazelle, and Other Tales Armstrong, Francis Claudius 1868
The Wild Huntress Reid, Capt. Mayne 1861
The Wild Lass of Estmere, and Other Stories Bramston, Mary Eliza 1893
The Wild Man of the West: A Tale of the Roc... Ballantyne, R. M. 1863
The Wild Ruthvens: A Home Story Lee, Susan Rowley Richmond 1889
The Wild-Catters: A Tale of the Pennsylvani... Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe 1895
The Wilderness of the World: A Novel Mitford, Eustace 1856
The Wilderness Road: A Romance of St. Clair... Altsheler, Joseph Alexander 1901
The Wilful Ward: A Novel Pinkney, Jane Vaughan 1853
The Wilful Willoughbys: A Cathedral City St... Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1893
The Wilfulness of Woman Bury, Lady Charlotte 1844
The Will: or, The Half-Brothers: A Romance McGauran, 1846
The Willoughby Captains: A School Story Reed, Talbot Baines 1887
The Willow Garth: A Novel Hardinge, William Money 1886
The Wilmingtons: A Novel Marsh, Anne 1850
The Wilmot Family Crawford, Mabel Sharman 1864
The Winborough Boys: or, Ellerslie Park Adams, Henry Cadwallader 1872
The Wind of Destiny Hardy, Arthur Sherburne 1886
The Winding Way: A Novel Fletcher, Joseph Smith 1890
The Winds of Cathrigg Coleridge, Christabel Rose 1901
The Wing of Azrael: A Novel Caird, Mona 1889
The Wings of Icarus Tadema, Laurence Alma 1894
The Wings of the Dove James, Henry 1902
The Winning of May Elliot, Anne 1893

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