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Title Author Year
The Story of Waldemar Krone's Youth Ewald, Herman Frederik 1867
The Strait Gate Swan, Annie S. 1887
The Strange Adventures of a House Boat Black, William 1888
The Strange Adventures of a Phaeton Black, William 1872
The Strange Adventures of Captain Dangerous... Sala, George Augustus 1863
The Strange Adventures of Israel Pendray Hocking, Silas Kitto 1899
The Strange Adventures of Little Snowdrop, ... Mulholland, Clara 1889
The Strange Adventures of Lucy Smith Philips, Francis Charles 1887
The Strange Adventures of Miss Brown Jay, Harriett 1897
The Strange Adventures of Roger Wilkins and... Barrett, Alfred Walter 1895
The Strange Adventures of Willie Norman Hamilton, Catherine Jane 1898
The Strange Disappearance of Lady Delia Tracy, Louis 1901
The Strange Story at Lee King, Alice 1887
The Strange Story of Hester Wynne Dunn, Gertrude 1899
The Strange Story of my Life: A Novel Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1896
The Strange Transfiguration of Hannah Stubbs Marryat, Florence 1896
The Strange Wooing of Mary Bowler Marsh, Richard 1895
The Stranger Woman Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1894
The Stranger-Artist: or, Through Shadowland Kenyon, Edith C. 1890
The Strength of her Youth Doudney, Sarah 1887
The Strength of Straw Stuart, Esmé 1900
The Strength of Two: A Novel Stuart, Esmé 1898
The Striking Hours Phillpotts, Eden 1901
The Strong Arm Barr, Robert 1900
The Strong God Circumstance Shipton, Helen 1900
The Stronger Hand Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe 1896
The Stronger Will Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1890
The Struggles for Fame: A Novel Meteyard, Eliza 1845
The Struggles of Brown, Jones, and Robinson Trollope, Anthony 1870
The Student's Wife: A Novel Daniel, Elizabeth 1852
The Sun-Maid: A Romance Grant, Maria M. 1876
The Sundering Flood Morris, William 1898
The Sunny Side of the Street: A Story of Pa... Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1895
The Superior Sex: A Satirical Comedy Vallings, Edward Harold 1888
The Supreme Crime Gerard, Dorothea 1901
The Surgeon's Secret: A Novel Russell, William Clark 1872
The Surprising Adventures of Sir Toady Lion... Crockett, S. R. 1897
The Surrender of Margaret Bellarmine Sergeant, Adeline 1894
The Survivor Oppenheim, E. Phillips 1901
The Swallow: A Tale of the Great Trek Haggard, H. Rider 1899
The Swan's Egg Hall, Anna Maria 1851
The Sweet o' the Year: A Novel Buxton, Henry John Wilmot 1887
The Sweet Story of Old: A Sunday Book for L... Stretton, Hesba 1884
The Swing of the Pendulum Peard, Frances Mary 1893
The Swintons of Wandale: A Novel Scott, Joseph Crawford 1879
The Swoop of the Eagles: An Episode from th... Anonymous, 1889
The Sword of Damocles Tharp, Theodore A. 1880
The Sword of Fate Herman, Henry 1899
The Sylvestres Betham-Edwards, Matilda Bar... 1871
The Tadpole of an Archangel, and Other Nava... Drury, William Price 1898
The Taking of Dover Lester, Horace Frank 1888
The Tale of a Horse Allison, William 1884
The Tale of Chloe; The House on the Beach; ... Meredith, George 1894
The Tale of the Ten: A Salt-Water Romance Russell, William Clark 1896
The Talk of the Town Payn, James 1885
The Talking Horse and Other Tales Anstey, F. 1892
The Tallants of Barton: A Tale of Fortune a... Hatton, Joseph 1867
The Tame Turk: A Novel Harper, Olive 1877
The Tapestry Room: A Child's Romance Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1879
The Tapu of Banderah Becke, Louis 1901
The Teleporon and Other Stories Stacpoole, William Henry 1894
The Temple of Folly: Chapters from the Book... Creswick, Paul 1897
The Temple of Melekartha Taylor, Isaac 1831
The Temptation of Olive Latimer Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1900
The Tempter and the Tempted Calabrella, Baroness de 1842
The Tempter Behind: A Tale Saunders, John 1880
The Temptress Le Queux, William 1895
The Ten Commandments Sims, George Robert 1896
The Ten Years' Tenant, and Other Stories Besant, Walter 1881
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall Brontë, Anne 1848
The Tenants of Beldornie Kettle, Rosa Mackenzie 1885
The Tenants of Malory: A Novel Le Fanu, J. Sheridan 1867
The Tenants of the Grey House Nethercott, Maria 1895
The Tender Mercies of the Good Coleridge, Christabel Rose 1895
The Tenth Earl Harwood, John Berwick 1880
The Tents of Shem: A Novel Allen, Grant 1889
The Terrible Czar: A Romance of the Times o... Tolstoy, Count Aleksey 1892
The Thane of the Dean: A Tale of the Time o... Bevan, Tom 1899
The Théâtre Francais in the Reign of Loui... Cochrane, Alexander Baillie 1879
The Thin End of the Wedge: A Story Marshall, Emma 1900
The Thin Red Line Griffiths, Major Arthur Geo... 1886
The Things that Matter: A Novel Gribble, Francis Henry 1896
The Third Floor Dudeney, Alice 1901
The Third Miss St. Quentin Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1889
The Third Violet Crane, Stephen 1897
The Thirst for Gold Burdon, Hannah Dorothy 1841
The Thirsty Sword: A Story of the Norse Inv... Leighton, Robert 1893
The Thirteen Evenings Bartram, George 1901
The Thirteenth: or, The Fatal Number Egan, Pierce 1849
The Thirteenth Brydain Moule, Margaret Alice 1897
The Thorn Bit Conyers, Dorothea 1900
The Thorn Fortress: A Tale of the Thirty Ye... Bramston, Mary Eliza 1879
The Thorncliffes Urwick, Henrietta Mary 1887
The Thorntons of Thornbury Chermside, Josephine 1874
The Thought-Rope Coleridge, Christabel Rose 1898
The Thousand Eugenias, and Other Stories Sidgwick, Cecily 1902
The Threatening Eye Knight, Edward Frederick 1885
The Three Admirals, and the Adventures of t... Kingston, William Henry Giles 1878
The Three Boots Stacpoole, William Henry 1892
The Three Brides Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1876

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