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Title Author Year
Allanston: or, The Infidel Lady Chatterton 1844
Allee Neemroo, the Buchtiaree Adventurer: A Tale of Louristan James Baillie Fraser 1842
Allegiance: A Novel Ida Ashworth Taylor 1886
Allegra Mary West 1887
Allen White: The Country Lad in Town Anonymous 1863
The Allens: A Tale of the Great Kanawha Valley Henry J. Thomas 1862
Allerton and Dreux: or, The War of Opinion Jean Ingelow 1851
Allerton Towers: A Novel Annie Thomas 1882
Allie: or, Into the Light E. E. H. 1877
Allina Grey: or, The Decision G. M. Sterne 1867
All's Well: or, Alice's Victory Emily Sarah Holt 1893
All's Well that Ends Well: A Simple Story Cyrus Redding 1862
All's Well that Ends Well: A Tale for Children M. M. S. 1870
Alma: or, The Story of a Little Music Mistress Emma Marshall 1888
Almack's: A Society Novel of the Times of George IV Marianne Spencer Hudson 1826
Almayer's Folly: A Story of an Eastern River Joseph Conrad 1895
Almeria's Castle: or, My Early Life in India and in England Henrietta Lushington 1866
Almost: or, Crooked Ways. A Tale Anna Lisle 1857
Almost a Heroine Elizabeth Sara Sheppard 1859
Almost a Pauper: A Tale of Trial and Triumph Erminda Rentoul Esler 1888
Almost Faultless: A Story of the Present Day Emily Peart 1870
Almost Lost: A Tale of Old Pye Street James Greenwood 1883
"Almost Persuaded": A Tale of Village Life Frances Elizabeth G. Carey Brock 1856
Alone Marion Harland 1854
Alone: or, Saved by Fire. A Novel William Browne 1877
Alone in China and Other Stories Julian Ralph 1897
Alone in London Hesba Stretton 1869
Alone in the World: A Novel Harriet Maria Smythies 1861
Alone in the World Agnes M. Stewart 1870
Alone on a Wide Wide Sea William Clark Russell 1892
Along the Road: A Novel E. Constance 1899
Alston Crucis: A Novel Helen Shipton 1893
Alter Ego Walter Lionel Bicknell 1884
Altham: A Tale of the Sea John Swete Cummins 1849
Although He was a Lord, and other tales Emily Feake Bridges 1885
Altiora Peto Laurence Oliphant 1883
Altogether Wrong Mrs. Pemberton 1863
Alton Locke, Tailor and Poet: An Autobiography Charles Kingsley 1850
An Altruist Ouida 1897
Aluteh: A Story of the Chinese Hills Eleanor Stredder 1894
The Alvareda Family: A Novelette Cecilia Böhl de Faber 1872
Always in the Way: A Little Story Thomas Jeans 1866
Always Wrong: A Novel Charles Thomas Clement James 1895
Alwyn Morton: His School and Schoolfellows. A Tale of St. Nicholas G... Elizabeth Stuart Phelps 1867
Alypius of Tagaste: A Tale of the Early Church Annie Webb 1865
Amabel: or, Victory of Love Mary Elizabeth Wormeley 1853
Amabel: A Military Romance Charlotte Elizabeth Macmanus 1893
Amaranth's Garden Margaret Scott Haycraft 1890
Amaryllis Georgios Drosines 1891
Amaryllis at the Fair Richard Jefferies 1887
Amat: A Novel Anonymous 1881
The Amateur Cracksman Ernest William Hornung 1899
The Amazing Judgment E. Phillips Oppenheim 1897
The Amazing Lady Mamie Bowles 1899
The Amazing Marriage George Meredith 1895
The Amazon: A Tale Franz Dingelstedt 1869
The Ambassador's Adventure Allen Upward 1901
The Ambassador's Wife Catherine Gore 1842
The Amber City: Being Some Account of the Adventures of a Steam Croc... Thomas Vetch 1888
Amberhill: A Novel Albert Julius Mott 1856
Ambition Mrs. Courtenay Newton 1851
The Ambition of Judith Olive Mary Birrell 1898
An Ambitious Woman: A Novel Edgar Fawcett 1883
Ambrose Maclandreth: or, The Religious Enthusiast. A Tale A Clergyman of the Church of England 1851
Ambrose the Sculptor: An Autobiography of Artist Life Catherine Frances Cartwright 1854
The American Henry James 1879
American and Italian Cantatrici: or, A Year at the Singing Schools o... Lucius O'Brien Blake 1867
The American Cousins: A Story of Shakespeare's Country Henrietta Keddie 1897
An American Duchess: A Pendant to "Miss Bayle's Romance" William Fraser Rae 1890
An American Emperor: The Story of the Fourth Empire of France Louis Tracy 1897
An American Girl in London Sara Jeanette Duncan 1891
An American Legacy, and Other Tales Claris Haven 1882
The American Mail Bag: or, Tales of the War Anonymous 1863
The American Marquis: A Novel Robert Harborough Sherard 1888
An American Monte Cristo: A Romance Julian Hawthorne 1893
An American Peeress Hobart Chatfield Chatfield-Taylor 1894
An American Penman: From the Diary of Inspector Byrnes Julian Hawthorne 1888
An American Politician F. Marion Crawford 1884
The American Senator Anthony Trollope 1877
An American Venus: Emotional Romance Elliott Preston 1900
An American Widow Albert Kevill Davies 1890
American Wives and English Husbands: A Novel Gertrude Atherton 1898
An American Woman Annie S. Swan 1900
The Americans at Home: or, Byeways, Backwoods, and Prairies Thomas Chandler Haliburton 1854
Amethyst: The Story of a Beauty Christabel Rose Coleridge 1891
Amico's Little Girl: A Novel M. Montgomery Campbell 1881
Amid the Corn: The Whitsuntide Visit Anonymous 1879
Amid the Greenwood A. C. Chambers 1881
Amie: or, Heavenly Wisdom Eliza Smith Richardson 1872
The Amnesty: or, The Duke of Alba in Flanders. An Historical Novel o... Charles F. Ellerman 1843
Among Aliens: A Novel Frances Eleanor Trollope 1890
Among Hostile Hordes: A Story of the Tai-ping Rebellion Bessie Marchant 1901
Among Strangers: An Autobiography E. S. Maine 1870
Among the Braken Mary McKinlay Perks 1896
Among the Brigands, and Other Tales of Adventure Charlotte Elizabeth Bowen 1875
Among the Brigands, and Other Tales of Adventure Charlotte Elizabeth Bowen 1875
Among the Cannibals Jules Verne 1876
Among the Cape Kaffirs Ernest Glanville 1888
Among the Carbonari: The Adventures of Peyton Phelps with the Secret... Grace Stebbing 1886
Among the Freaks William Livingston Alden 1896
Among the Gibjigs: A Child's Romance Sydney Hodges 1881
Among the Heather: A Highland Story Adelaide Margaret Cameron 1881
Among the Hills Eleanor Frances Poynter 1881
Among the Man-Eaters John Gaggin 1900
Among the Maoris: A Book of Adventure Emilia Norris 1874
Among the Mountains: or, The Harcourts at Montreux Agnes Giberne 1865
Among the Ruins and Other Stories Mary Cecil Hay 1891
Among the Squirrels Mary A. Denison 1867
Among the Syringas Mary Elizabeth Mann 1901
Among the Tartar Tents: or, The Lost Fathers. A Tale Anne Bowman 1861
Among the Torches of the Andes Bessie Marchant 1890
Among the Untrodden Ways Mary Blundell 1896
Among the Welsh Hills M. C. Halifax 1878
Among the Woblins: A Child's Romance Sydney Hodges 1882
Among Thorns: A Novel Noel Ainslie 1898
Among Typhoons and Pirate Craft Alexander Christie 1892
Amor Vincit: A Novel Mary Emma Martin 1887
Amoret: A Romance Charles Gibbon 1886
Amos Clark: or, The Poor Dependent. A Story of Country Life in the S... Watts Phillips 1862
Amos Huntingdon: A Tale Illustrative of Moral Courage, with Examples... Theodore Percival Wilson 1881
Amos Kilbright, his Adscititious Experiences Frank R. Stockton 1888
The Amphibion's Voyage Parker Gillmore 1885
Amram: A Tale of Bagdad BTAO "Amram" 1837
The Amulet: A Tale of Spanish California Charles Welsh Mason 1865
Amusement Only Richard Marsh 1901
The Amusements of a Man of Fashion: A Novel Norman Nugent 1873
Amy Carlton: or, First Days at School. A Tale for the Young D. Richmond 1856
Amy Fairfax: or, Bearing and Forbearing, the Lesson of Life. A Novel... Samuel Ralph Townshend Mayer 1859
Amy Grant: or, The One Motive. A Tale William Mullinger Higgins 1854
Amy Harrington: or, A Sister's Love C. G. H. 1848
Amy Herbert Elizabeth Missing Sewell 1844
Amy Lawrence, the Freemason's Daughter: A Novel John Frederick Smith 1879
Amy Moss: or, The Banks of the Ohio Percy Bolingbroke St. John 1861
Amy Paul: A Tale Arthur Stanley Jackson 1852
Amy Stennett Anonymous 1872
Amy Thornton: or, The Curate's Daughter Edward Burlend 1863
Amy Vivian's Ring: or, The Heir to a Curse Henry Martineau Greenhow 1897
Amy Wilton: or, Lights and Shades of Christian Life Emma Jane Worboise 1852
Amy Wynter: A Novel Thomas A. Pinkerton 1880
Amyas Egerton, Cavalier Maurice H. Hervey 1896
Amygdala: A Tale of the Greek Revolution Elizabeth Mayhew Edmonds 1894
Amymone: A Romance of the Days of Pericles Eliza Lynn Linton 1848
Amy's New Home, and other Stories for Boys and Girls Anonymous 1863
Amy's Trials: or, A Character Misunderstood Julia A. Mathews 1872
Amy's Wish and What Came of It: A Fairy Tale Catherine Elizabeth Tylee 1870
The Anabaptists of Knollysford Dean: or, The Struggles and Trials of... William Hawkins 1850
Ananias Emily Hester Brodrick 1898
The Anarchist: A Story of To-day Henry Richard Savage 1894
Anchor and Cross Marion Clifford Butler 1895
Anchor-Watch Yarns Edmund Downey 1883

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