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Title Author Year
When Wheat is Green Wilton, Joseph 1895
Where Billows Break Deccan, Hilary 1896
Where Duty Lies Hocking, Silas Kitto 1892
Where Highways Cross Fletcher, Joseph Smith 1895
Where Tempests Blow: A Novel Paxton, Mary W. 1885
Where Thames is Wide: A Romance of the Last... James, Charles Thomas Clement 1896
Where the Atlantic Meets the Land Lipsett, Henry Caldwell 1896
Where the Dew Falls in London: A Story of a... Doudney, Sarah 1889
Where the Rail Runs Now: A Story of the Coa... Moore, Frank Frankfort 1876
Where the Reeds Wave: A Story Elliot, Anne 1897
Where the Shoe Pinches Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1900
Where the Trade-Wind Blows: West Indian Tales Crowninshield, Mary Bradford 1898
Where Town and Country Meet Baldwin, Louisa 1891
Where Two Tides Meet Buller, Henry F. 1896
Where Two Ways Meet Doudney, Sarah 1891
Which Does She Love? Mayne, Colburn 1862
Which is Absurd Hamilton, Cosmo 1896
Which is the Heroine? Cole, Nina 1870
Which is the Winner?: or, The First Gentlem... Clarke, Charles 1864
Which is the Wiser: or, The People Abroad. ... Howitt, Mary 1842
Which is Which?: or, Miles Cassidy's Contra... Brough, Robert Barnabas 1860
Which Shall it Be? Alexander, Mrs. 1866
Which Sister?: A Story Russell, William Clark 1873
Which will Triumph?: A Novel Le Geyt, Alice Bell 1867
Which Wins, Love or Money? Robinson, Emma 1862
Which?: or, Eddies around the Rectory Varra, Owen 1858
Whiffs from a Short Briar Messent, Charles 1896
While Charlie was Away Bigelow, Edith Jaffray 1901
While London Sleeps Dowling, Richard 1895
While They are With Us Youatt, Elizabeth 1879
Whilomville Stories Crane, Stephen 1900
Whispering Tongues Allen, Phoebe Anne 1896
Whispering Winds and the Tales that They Told Debenham, Mary H. 1894
White and Black: A Story of the Southern St... Biggs, Elizabeth Ashurst 1862
White and Red Henslowe, J. R. 1882
White Cockade: or, Faith and Fortitude Grant, James 1867
White Elephants: A Novel Anonymous, 1882
White Favour: A Novel Holl, Henry 1866
White Heather: A Novel Black, William 1885
White Jacket: or, The World in a Man-of-War Melville, Herman 1850
White Magic: A Novel Bodkin, Matthias MacDonnell 1897
White Poppies: A Novel Kendall, May 1893
White Sand: The Story of a Dreamer and His ... Balfour, Marie Clothilde 1896
White Turrents Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1895
White Wings: A Yachting Romance Black, William 1880
White-Faced Dick: A Story of Pine-Tree Gulch Henty, George Alfred 1896
Whitefriars: or, The Days of Charles the Se... Robinson, Emma 1843
Whitehall: or, The Days of Charles I Robinson, Emma 1845
Whiteladies Oliphant, Margaret 1875
Whitepatch: A Romance for Quiet People Salter, Peter King 1887
Whither?: A Novel Blundell, Mary 1892
Who Can He Be? Nethercott, Maria 1885
Who Did It?: A Novel Walpole, W. 1865
Who Did It?: or, Holmwood Priory Adams, Henry Cadwallader 1881
Who did it? Gould, Nat 1896
Who is He?: A Novel Marquis of ****, 1879
Who is She?: A Mystery of Mayfair Medina Pomar, Duke de 1877
Who is Sylvia?: A Novel Price, Alice 1883
Who is the Heir?: A Novel Collins, Edward James Mortimer 1865
Who is Vera?: A Novel Schlotel, A. E. 1888
Who Poisoned Hetty Duncan? and Other Detect... Muddock, Joyce Emmerson Pre... 1890
Who Shall be Greatest?: A Tale Howitt, Mary 1845
Who Shall be the Duchess?: or, The New Lord... Anonymous, 1860
Who Shall Be the Heir? Pickering, Ellen 1840
Who Shall Serve?: A Story for the Times Swan, Annie S. 1891
Who Was Lost and Is Found: A Novel Oliphant, Margaret 1894
Who was Philip?: A Tale of Public School Life Adams, Henry Cadwallader 1886
Who Was Then the Gentleman?: A Novel Reade, Compton 1885
Who Was to Blame?: A Novel Verey, Joseph 1865
Who Will be Queen of the Tournament? and Ot... Corbet, Robert St. John 1868
Who Will Save Her?: A Novel Phillips, Watts 1874
Who Wins--Loses Tottenham, Blanche Mary Loftus 1893
Whom God hath Joined: A Question of Marriage Hume, Fergus 1891
Whom Nature Leadeth Caird, Mona 1883
Whom to Marry and How to Get Married!: or, ... Mayhew, Augustus 1848
Whose Fault?: The Story of a Trial at Nisi ... Davis, Ellis James 1892
Whose Hand?: or, The Mystery of No Man's He... Wills, William Gorman 1886
Whose was the Hand?: A Novel Muddock, Joyce Emmerson Pre... 1901
Whoso Findeth a Wife Le Queux, William 1897
Why Did She Love Him?: A Novel Marryat, Florence 1898
Why Frau Frohmann Raised Her Prices and Oth... Trollope, Anthony 1882
Why Not?: or, Climbing the Ladder Stebbing, Grace 1897
Why Paul Ferroll Killed His Wife Clive, Caroline 1860
Wicked Girl, and other tales Hay, Mary Cecil 1886
Wide of the Mark: A Novel Houstoun, Matilda Charlotte 1871
Wide, Wide World Warner, Susan Bogert 1852
Widows and Widowers: A Romance of Real Life Thomson, Katherine 1842
Wife and Child Whitty, Miss 1868
Wife or Slave Veitch, Sophie Frances Fane 1872
Wife or Slave? Bradshaw, Annie 1890
Wife, yet no Wife: A Story of To-day Coleman, John 1892
Wilbourne Hall Caumont, Mary 1885
Wild Adventures round the Pole: or, The Cru... Stables, William Gordon 1883
Wild as a Hawk Macquoid, Katharine S. 1868
Wild Darrie Murray, David Christie 1889
Wild Eelin: Her Escapades, Adventures, and ... Black, William 1898
Wild Georgie Middlemass, Jean 1873
Wild Hyacinth Randolph, Catherine Emily B... 1875
Wild Kathleen: or, Both Sides of the Channel Stebbing, Grace 1890
Wild Life in Southern Seas Becke, Louis 1897

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