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Title Author Year
The Young Rajah: A Story of Indian Life and... Kingston, William Henry Giles 1876
The Young Ranchers: or, Fighting the Sioux Ellis, Edward S. 1895
The Young Squire's Resolve Gray, Waldo 1901
The Young Step-Mother: or, A Chronicle of M... Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1861
The Young Trawlers: A Story of Life and Dea... Ballantyne, R. M. 1884
The Young Widow: A Novel Daniel, Robert Mackenzie 1844
The Young Zemindár: His Erratic Wanderings... Rowney, Horatio Bickerstaffe 1883
The Younger Sister: A Novel Hubback, Catherine Anne 1850
The Youngest Miss Green Robinson, Frederick William 1888
The Youth of Parnassus and Other Stories Smith, Logan Pearsall 1895
The Youth of Shakspeare Williams, Robert Folkestone 1839
The Youthful Imposter: A Novel Reynolds, George William Ma... 1835
The Zeit-Geist Dougall, Lily 1895
The Zionists Graham, Winifred 1902
The Zone of Fire Hill, Headon 1897
Thecla's Vow Gallenga, Antonio Carlo Nap... 1898
Their Father's Wrong Bramston, Mary Eliza 1895
Their Happiest Christmas Lyall, Edna 1889
Thelma: A Society Novel Corelli, Marie 1887
Theo: A Love Story Burnett, Frances Hodgson 1877
Theo Leigh: A Novel Thomas, Annie 1865
Theodora's Childhood: or, The Old House at ... Marshall, Emma 1868
There and Back MacDonald, George 1891
There's Rue for You: A Novel Kennard, Nina H. 1880
Thereby Hangs a Tale: A Novel Fenn, George Manville 1876
Theresa Radecliffe, Noell 1870
Theresa Craik, Georgiana Marion 1875
They Are Only Cousins: A Novel Aston, Claude 1855
They Call It Love Moore, Frank Frankfort 1895
They Laugh that Win Albanesi, Effie Adelaide Maria 1899
They That Walk in Darkness: Ghetto Tragedies Zangwill, Israel 1899
They Were Neighbours: A Novel Hill, Laindon 1878
Thicker Than Water Payn, James 1883
Things Seen Hugo, Victor 1887
Things That Have Happened Gerard, Dorothea 1899
Things will Take a Turn Harraden, Beatrice 1889
Thinking and Acting: A Tale Barlee, Ellen 1861
Thirlby Hall Norris, William Edward 1884
Thirteen Stories Spender, Lillian 1895
Thirteen Stories Graham, Robert Cunninghame 1900
Thirteen Ways Home Nesbit, Edith 1901
This and That: A Tale of Two Tinies Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1899
This Body of Death: A Story Sergeant, Adeline 1901
This Indenture Witnesseth Hunt, Margaret 1875
This Man's Dominion: A Story of Self-Will Watson, Elizabeth Sophia 1894
This Man's Wife: A Novel Fenn, George Manville 1887
This Mortal Coil: A Novel Allen, Grant 1888
This Picture and That: A Novel Chapman, Mrs. Charles 1886
This Son of Vulcan: A Novel Besant, Walter 1876
This Stage of Fools Merrick, Leonard 1896
This Troublesome World: A Novel Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1893
This Wicked World Cameron, Caroline Emily 1889
This Workaday World Parr, Harriet 1875
This Year, Next Year, Some Year, Never Puck, 1884
Thistledown Lodge Paull, Mary Anna 1882
Thomas Brown's Will: A Novel Pohl, Adolphus 1877
Thomas Dryburgh's Dream: A Story of Childre... Swan, Annie S. 1886
Thomas Wingfield, Curate MacDonald, George 1876
Thomasina: A Biography Paul, Margaret Agnes 1872
Thompson's Progress Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe 1902
Thorndale: or, The Conflict of Opinion Smith, William Henry 1857
Thorndyke Manor: A Tale of Jacobite Times Rowsell, Mary Catherine 1890
Thornicroft's Model Hunt, Margaret 1873
Thornleigh House: A North-Country Story Chadwick, William Edward 1891
Thornwell Abbas Wordsworth, Dame Elizabeth 1876
Thornycroft Hall: Its Owners and its Heirs Worboise, Emma Jane 1864
Thorough: A Novel Hoppus, Mary A. M. 1894
Thorpe Regis Peard, Frances Mary 1874
Thorstein of the Mere: A Saga of the North ... Collingwood, William Gershom 1895
Those Children Milman, Helen Rose Anne 1891
Those Children Lee, Susan Rowley Richmond 1896
Those Delightful Americans Duncan, Sara Jeanette 1902
Those Other Animals Henty, George Alfred 1891
Those Three: or, Little Wings. A Story for ... Marshall, Emma 1891
Those Twins! Adams, Ellinor Davenport 1902
Those Westerton Girls Warden, Florence 1891
Thostlethwaite: A Story of Modern English L... Morley, Susan 1875
Thoth: A Romance Nicholson, Joseph Shield 1888
Thou Art the Man: A Novel Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1894
Thou Shalt Not Griffith, George 1900
Though Broken, Brave: A Novel Ryder, E. A. 1877
Thraldom Sturgis, Julian 1887
Three Boys: or, The Chiefs of the Clan Mack... Fenn, George Manville 1889
Three Comely Maids and their Affairs: A Sto... Pendered, Mary Lucy 1897
Three Diggers: A Tale of the Australian 'Fi... Clarke, Percy 1889
Three Fair Daughters: A Novel Brooke, Laurence 1882
Three Fair Maids: or, The Burkes of Derrymore Tynan, Katharine 1901
Three Feathers Black, William 1875
Three Girls!: A Novel Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1892
Three Greek Children: A Story of Home in Ol... Church, Alfred John 1889
Three Hundred a Year: A Novel Chetwynd, Julie Bosville 1866
Three Hundred Years Ago: or, The Martyr of ... Kingston, William Henry Giles 1868
Three Hundred Years Hence: or, A Voice from... Hay, William Delisle 1881
Three Little Brothers Marshall, Emma 1875
Three Little Maids Turner, Ethel Sybil 1900
Three Little Maids: or, Chronicles of Acaci... Deane, Mary Bathurst 1889
Three Little Maids from School Debenham, Mary H. 1893
Three Little Sisters Marshall, Emma 1871
Three Little Wanderers Coleridge, Christabel Rose 1894
Three Lives in One Anonymous, 1863

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