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Title Author Year
The Mysterious Bridal, and Other Tales Stone, William Leete 1835
The Mysterious Island Verne, Jules 1875
The Mysterious Man: A Novel Chamier, Frederick 1844
The Mysterious Singer Capes, Bernard 1898
The Mystery in Palace Gardens: A Novel Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1880
The Mystery of a Hansom Cab Hume, Fergus 1886
The Mystery of a Millionaire's Grave Stables, William Gordon 1890
The Mystery of a Studio, and Other Stories Fletcher, Robert Howe 1892
The Mystery of a Turkish Bath Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1888
The Mystery of a Woman's Heart: A Novel Kennard, Mary 1890
The Mystery of Allan Grale: A Novel Mayo, Isabella 1885
The Mystery of Alton Grange Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1899
The Mystery of Ashleigh Manor: A Romance Russell, William Clark 1874
The Mystery of Beechey Grange: or, The Miss... Adams, Henry Cadwallader 1884
The Mystery of Belgrave Square Lee, Susan Rowley Richmond 1889
The Mystery of Bloomsbury Crescent Lodge, Mrs. 1896
The Mystery of Choice Chambers, Robert W. 1898
The Mystery of Clement Dunraven Middlemass, Jean 1894
The Mystery of Cloomber Doyle, Arthur Conan 1889
The Mystery of Dudley Horne Warden, Florence 1897
The Mystery of Edwin Drood Dickens, Charles 1870
The Mystery of Elias G. Roebuck and Other S... Alden, William Livingston 1896
The Mystery of Hall-in-the-Wood Mulholland, Rosa 1893
The Mystery of Jamaica Terrace Muddock, Joyce Emmerson Pre... 1896
The Mystery of Killard: A Novel Dowling, Richard 1879
The Mystery of Landy Court Hume, Fergus 1894
The Mystery of M. Felix: A Novel Farjeon, Benjamin Leopold 1890
The Mystery of Mirbridge Payn, James 1888
The Mystery of Monkswood Lodge, Mrs. 1899
The Mystery of Mr. Bernard Brown Oppenheim, E. Phillips 1896
The Mystery of Mrs. Blencarrow Oliphant, Margaret 1890
The Mystery of No. 13: A Novel Mathers, Helen 1891
The Mystery of Philip Bennion's Death Marsh, Richard 1897
The Mystery of St. Dunstan's: A Realistic a... Wright, Thomas 1892
The Mystery of the Clasped Hands Boothby, Guy 1901
The Mystery of the Laughlin Islands Becke, Louis 1896
The Mystery of the Moat House Back, Blanche Eaton 1901
The Mystery of the Ocean Star: A Collection... Russell, William Clark 1888
The Mystery of the Patrician Club Vandam, Albert Dresden 1894
The Mystery of the Sea Stoker, Bram 1902
The Mystery of the Shroud: A Tale of Social... Welch, Edgar Luderne 1887
The Mystic Number Seven Cox, Annie 1900
The Nabob at Home: or, The Return to England Monkland, Anne Catherine 1842
The Nabob's Wife: A Novel Monkland, Anne Catherine 1838
The Naggletons, and Miss Violet and Her "Of... Brooks, Shirley 1875
The Nameless Shadow Giberne, Agnes 1883
The Nana's Talisman Ashton, Mark 1901
The Natural Son: A German Tale Descriptive ... Spindler, Carl 1835
The Naughty Girl of the Family Mackarness, Matilda Anne 1866
The Naulahka: A Story of West and East Kipling, Rudyard 1892
The Naval Cadet: A Story of Adventure Stables, William Gordon 1898
The Naval Club: or, Reminiscences of Service Barker, Matthew Henry 1843
The Naval Engineer and the Command of the S... Burton, Francis George 1896
The Naval Lieutenant: A Nautical Romance Armstrong, Francis Claudius 1865
The Naval Surgeon Neale, William Johnson 1841
The Ne'er-do-weel Swan, Annie S. 1897
The Neapolitan Commander: A Romance of Sea ... Armstrong, Francis Claudius 1862
The Nearest Neighbour and Other Stories Browne, Frances 1875
The Neighbours: A Story of Every-day Life Bremer, Fredrika 1842
The Nemesis of Faith Froude, James Anthony 1849
The Nest Hunters: or, Adventures in the Ind... Dalton, William 1863
The Nether World: A Novel Gissing, George 1889
The Netherwoods of Otterpool: A Novel Bateman, Jane Carr 1858
The Nevilles of Garretstown: A Tale of 1760 O'Sullivan, Mortimer 1860
The New Abelard: A Romance Buchanan, Robert Williams 1884
The New Antigone: A Romance Barry, William Francis 1887
The New Border Tales Douglas, Sir George Brisban... 1895
The New Centurion: A Tale of Automatic War Eastwick, James 1895
The New Continent: A Novel Worthey, Mrs. 1890
The New Dance of Death Hake, Alfred Egmont 1884
The New Democracy: A Fragment of Caucusian ... Anonymous, 1885
The New Duchess Fraser, Mrs. Alexander 1890
The New Eden Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe 1892
The New Eve: A Study in Recent Evolution Randolph, Edmund 1889
The New Faith: A Romance History of It James, Charles Thomas Clement 1890
The New Judgment of Paris Philpot, Joseph Henry 1888
The New Landlord Jókai, Mór 1868
The New Magdalen Collins, Wilkie 1873
The New Master Golsworthy, Arnold 1901
The New Mistress: A Tale Fenn, George Manville 1883
The New Moon Robins, Elizabeth 1895
The New Ordeal Chesney, Sir George Tomkyns 1879
The New Order: A Novel of To-day Crawfurd, Oswald John Frede... 1900
The New Paul and Virginia: or, Positivism o... Mallock, William Hurrell 1878
The New Prince Fortunatus: A Novel Black, William 1890
The New Rector Weyman, Stanley John 1891
The New Republic : or, Culture, Faith, and ... Mallock, William Hurrell 1877
The Newcomes: Memoirs of a Most Respectable... Thackeray, William Makepeace 1855
The Next Crusade Cromie, Robert 1896
The Next Generation Maguire, John Francis 1871
The Next of Kin: A Novel Hall, Mrs. Frederick 1854
The Next-Door House Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1893
The Nigger of the 'Narcissus': A Tale of th... Conrad, Joseph 1897
The Night Mail: Its Passengers and How They... Fitzgerald, Percy H. 1862
The Night Side of Nature: or, Ghosts and Gh... Crowe, Catherine Ann 1848
The Nine of Hearts Farjeon, Benjamin Leopold 1886
The Noble Traytour: A Chronicle of Thomas o... Anonymous, 1857
The Nobler Sex Marryat, Florence 1892
The Nomades of the West: or, Ellen Clayton Huyghue, Samuel Douglas Smyth 1850
The Normans: or, Kith and Kin Drury, Anna Harriet 1870

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