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Title Author Year
The Sisters: A Romance Ebers, Georg Moritz 1880
The Sisters: or, England and France. A Roma... Cockton, Henry 1844
The Sisters Lawless: A Novel De Jongh, Bertha 1874
The Sisters of Ombersleigh: or, Under the S... Kettle, Rosa Mackenzie 1889
The Sisters of Sainthill Blake, Lady 1867
The Six Cushions Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1867
The Six Sisters of the Valleys: An Historic... Moore, W. B. 1863
The Skeleton in the Cupboard Scott, Lady 1860
The Skeleton Key: A Story Dowling, Richard 1886
The Skipper's Wooing, and The Brown Man's S... Jacobs, William Wymark 1897
The Skirts of Happy Chance: Being Some Adve... Watson, Henry Brereton Marr... 1901
The Sky Pilot: A Tale of the Foothills Connor, Ralph 1899
The Slave: A Romance Hichens, Robert 1899
The Slave of his Will: A Novel Cuninghame, Lady Caroline M... 1891
The Slave of the Lamp Scott, Hugh Stowell 1892
The Slaver of Zanzibar Moore, Frank Frankfort 1889
The Slaves of Sabinus: Jew and Gentile Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1890
The Sloane Square Scandal and Other Stories Thomas, Annie 1890
The Slowly Grinding Mills Banks, Isabella 1893
The Small House at Allington Trollope, Anthony 1864
The Small-Part Lady and Other Stories Sims, George Robert 1900
The Smiths: A Novel Jenkins, Cecilia Gidoin 1843
The Smuggler James, G. P. R. 1845
The Smuggler Chief Aimard, Gustave 1864
The Smuggler's Cave Bunbury, Selina 1897
The Smuggler's Secret: A Romance Barrett, Frank 1893
The Smugglers of Barnard's Head Creswick, Paul 1899
The Snake's Pass Stoker, Bram 1891
The Snare of the Fowler Alexander, Mrs. 1892
The Snares of the World Aidé, Hamilton 1901
The Snow-Sweepers' Party, and The Tale of O... Corbet, Robert St. John 1874
The Snowball Society: A Story for Children Bramston, Mary Eliza 1877
The Society of Friends: A Domestic Narrative Greer, Sarah D. 1852
The Soft Side James, Henry 1900
The Soiled Dove: A Biography of a Fast Lady... Anonymous, 1865
The Soldier and the Lady: A Novel Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1899
The Soldier of Fortune Curling, Capt. Henry 1843
The Sole Survivors Henty, George Alfred 1901
The Sole Trustee Allen, Grant 1890
The Solitary Summer Arnim, Elizabeth von 1899
The Son of a Star: A Romance of the Second ... Richardson, Sir Benjamin Ward 1888
The Son of his Father Oliphant, Margaret 1887
The Sorceress: A Novel Oliphant, Margaret 1893
The Sorrows of a Golfer's Wife Kennard, Mary 1896
The Sorrows of Gentility Jewsbury, Geraldine Endsor 1856
The Sorrows of Satan: or, The Strange Exper... Corelli, Marie 1895
The Soul of Countess Adrian: A Romance Praed, Rosa Caroline 1891
The Soul of Honour: A Tale Stretton, Hesba 1898
The Soul of Lilith Corelli, Marie 1892
The Soul of the Bishop: A Novel Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1893
The Souls of the Stones Battersby, Thomas Preston 1898
The Sound of the Streets O'Reilly, Eleanor Grace 1892
The South Sea Bubble: A Tale of the Year 1720 Ainsworth, William Harrison 1871
The South Sea Whaler: A Story of the Loss o... Kingston, William Henry Giles 1875
The Sovereign Reader: Scenes from the Life ... Henty, George Alfred 1887
The Sowers Scott, Hugh Stowell 1896
The Span o' Life: A Tale of Louisbourg and ... McIlwraith, Jean Newton 1899
The Spanish Brothers: A Tale of the Sixteen... Alcock, Deborah 1871
The Spanish Cousin: A Nineteenth-Century St... Forester, F. B. 1896
The Spanish Match: or, Charles Stuart at Ma... Ainsworth, William Harrison 1865
The Spanish Mother: A Novel Petre, Hon. Charlotte Eliza... 1869
The Spanish Poniard, Being the Story of the... Pinkerton, Thomas A. 1890
The Spectre of Strathannan Norris, William Edward 1895
The Spendthrift: A Tale Ainsworth, William Harrison 1857
The Sphinx of Eaglehawk: A Tale of Old Bend... Boldrewood, Rolf 1895
The Spies of the Wight Hill, Headon 1899
The Spinsters of Blatchington Travers, Mar 1872
The Spirit is Willing Pickering, Anna Maria 1898
The Spirit of Love: A Novel of Church Life Anonymous, 1893
The Spitfire: A Tale of the Sea Chamier, Frederick 1840
The Splendid Porsenna Fraser, Mary Crawford 1899
The Splendid Spur: Being Memoirs of the Adv... Quiller-Couch, Arthur Thomas 1889
The Splendid Stranger: A Story of the Monmo... Leighton, Robert 1898
The Spoils of Poynton James, Henry 1897
The Sport of Chance Sharp, William 1888
The Sport of Stars Gissing, Algernon 1896
The Sport of the Gods Miller, Esther 1897
The Squanders of Castle Squander Carleton, William 1852
The Squire Pickering, Ellen 1837
The Squire: A Novel Parr, Louisa 1892
The Squire of Beechwood: A Tale Horlock, Knightley William 1857
The Squire of Bratton Marshall, Frances L. 1893
The Squire of Chapel Daresfield: A Novel Baddeley, Richard Whieldon 1868
The Squire of Lonsdale Kenyon, Edith C. 1897
The Squire of Sandal-Side Barr, Amelia E. 1887
The Squire's Courtship Daniel, Elizabeth 1877
The Squire's Grandson: A Tale of a Strong M... Corbet, Robert St. John 1873
The Squire's Grandson: A Devonshire Story Callwell, J. M. 1888
The Squire's Heir Neville, Ralph 1881
The Squire's Legacy Hay, Mary Cecil 1875
The St. Aubyns of St. Aubyn Maughan, Janet 1862
The St. Cadix Case Miller, Esther 1898
The Stage and the Company: A Novel Hubback, Catherine Anne 1858
The Stage Coach: or, The Road of Life Mills, John 1843
The Standard Bearer Crockett, S. R. 1898
The Standishes of High Acre Sheldon, Gilbert 1894
The Star Child Graham, Winifred 1898
The Star of Fortune: A Story of the Indian ... Muddock, Joyce Emmerson Pre... 1894
The Star of Lovell: A Tale of the Poor Clergy Bandinel, Rev. James 1862
The Star Sapphire Collins, Mabel 1896

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