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Title Author Year
Waiting for the Ship Youatt, Elizabeth 1877
Waiting for Tidings Biggs, Elizabeth Ashurst 1874
Waking and Working: or, From Girlhood to Wo... Reaney, Isabel 1874
Waldemar: A Tale Ingemann, Bernhard S. 1841
Waldgrove: or, The Fortunes of Bertram. A T... Anonymous, 1844
Walks and Wanderings in the World of Litera... Grant, James 1839
Wallace: or, The Days of Scotland's Thraldo... Anonymous, 1852
Wallencourt: or, Sons and their Sires Platt, William 1868
Walsingham, the Gamester Chamier, Frederick 1837
Walter Benn, and How He Stepped Out fo the ... Stebbing, Grace 1876
Walter Blake's Heroine Anonymous, 1866
Walter Chetwynd: A Novel Pigott, H. Bouverie 1862
Walter Clayton: A Tale of the Gordon Riots McGauran, 1844
Walter Deverell: A Domestic Tale Booth, Catherine 1838
Walter Evelyn: or, The Long Minority Murray, Eustace Clare Grenv... 1853
Walter Goring Thomas, Annie 1866
Walter Hamilton: A Novel Burdett, Catherine Dorothea 1846
Walter Hurst: or, Early Struggles at the Bar Pelham, Herbert Greville 1854
Walter Langley: or, The Race of Life Savile, Hon. Charles Stuart 1862
Walter Lee: A Story of Marlborough College Green, H. W. 1876
Walter's Escape: or, The Capture of Breda Liefde, Jacob B. de 1870
Walter's Friend: or, Big Boys and Little On... Adams, Henry Cadwallader 1873
Walter's Mistake: or, One Thing at a Time Paull, Susanna Mary 1876
Walter's Word: A Novel Payn, James 1875
Wan Lee, the Pagan and Other Sketches Harte, Bret 1876
Wanda Ouida, 1883
Wandering Fires: A Novel Despard, Charlotte 1874
Wandering Heath: Stories, Studies and Sketc... Quiller-Couch, Arthur Thomas 1895
Wandering Willie: A Romance of the Great Ta... Stewart, Andrew 1887
Wanted a Camel Allen, Phoebe Anne 1888
Wanted a Sphere Bramston, Mary Eliza 1890
Wanted!: A Detective's Strange Adventures Muddock, Joyce Emmerson Pre... 1892
Wanted, a Father: A Novel Savage, Francis 1886
Wanted, a Wife!: A Story of the 60th Dragoo... Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1887
Wanted, an Heir Pirkis, Catherine Louisa 1881
Wanted--a Home Penny, Anne Judith 1864
Wappermouth: A Novel Hickman, William Theodore 1879
Wapping Old Stairs Marshall, Frances L. 1895
War Times: or, The Lads of Craigross Keddie, Henrietta 1893
War--and Arcadia Mitford, Bertram 1901
Wards of the Crown: A Novel Anonymous, 1845
Warfare and Work: or, Life's Progress Clacy, Ellen Louise 1859
Warkworth Castle: A Historical Romance Litchfield, Thomas 1851
Warleigh's Trust Worboise, Emma Jane 1883
Warned Off Gould, Nat 1901
Warner Arundell: The Adventures of a Creole Joseph, Edward Lanzer 1838
Warner's Chase: or, The Gentle Heart Swan, Annie S. 1885
Warp and Weft: A Story of the North of Irel... Hobhouse, Violet 1899
Warp and Woof: Reminiscences of Doris Fletc... Parr, Harriet 1861
Warrawarra, the Carib Chief: A Tale of 1770 Breen, Henry Hegart 1876
Warren Knowles: A Novel Gulston, Alan Stepney 1885
Was Hers the Fault?: A Novel Lolo, 1882
Was it a Marriage?: A Novel Cox, Miss 1875
Was it Right to Forgive?: A Domestic Romance Barr, Amelia E. 1900
Was it Worth the Cost? Eiloart, Elizabeth Darby 1883
Was She Good or Bad?: A Holiday Episode Minto, William 1889
Was She Justified? Barrett, Frank 1898
Was She Tamed?: A Novel Fitzgerald, Geraldine Penrose 1875
Washington Grange: An Autobiography Pickersgill, William 1859
Washington Square. The Pension Beaurepas. A... James, Henry 1881
Wat Tyler Egan, Pierce 1841
Watches of the Sacred Passion Gallwey, Peter 1894
Water Gipsies: or, The Adventures of Tag, R... Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1879
Waterdale Neighbours McCarthy, Justin 1867
Wave upon Wave Doudney, Sarah 1873
Waverney Court: A Novel Garrett, George W. 1869
Wayfarers: A Novel Taylor, Una Ashworth 1886
Wayfarers All: A Novel Johnston, Grace L. Keith 1899
Wayfaring Men: A Novel Lyall, Edna 1897
Wayfe Summers: The Story of an Inner and an... Archer, Thomas 1863
Waynflete Coleridge, Christabel Rose 1893
Ways and Means: A Story of Life's Struggles Balfour, Clara Lucas 1868
Wayside Courtships Garland, Hamlin 1898
We are Worldlings: A Novel De Jongh, Bertha 1876
We Costelions: A Novel Lloyd, Jessie Sale 1882
We Girls: A Home Story Whitney, Adeline Dutton Train 1872
We Girls: A Story of School-girl Life Paull, Mary Anna 1890
We Three and Troddles: A Tale of London Life Barrett, Alfred Walter 1894
We Two: A Novel Lyall, Edna 1884
Weak Woman: A Novel Cameron, Caroline Emily 1892
Wealth and Labour: A Novel Burdon, Hannah Dorothy 1852
Wealth and Welfare Bitzius, Albert 1866
Wearing the Willow: or, Bride Fielding. A T... Keddie, Henrietta 1860
Weavers and Weft, and Other Tales Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1877
Webs in the Way Fenn, George Manville 1867
Wedded to a Genius: A Novel Bird, Mary Bowdoin 1894
Wedded to Sport: A Novel Kennard, Mary 1892
Wedderburn's Will: A Detective Story Cobb, Thomas 1892
Wedlock: or, Yesterday and To-Day: A Novel Jenkins, Cecilia Gidoin 1841
Wedlock, and its Skeleton Key Huntly, Kate Hope 1891
Wee Wifie: A Tale Carey, Rosa Nouchette 1869
Wee Willie Winkie and Other Stories Kipling, Rudyard 1890
Weeds: A Story in Seven Chapters Jerome, Jerome K. 1892
Weeping Ferry: A Novel Halse, George 1887
Weeping Ferry and Other Stories Woods, Margaret Louise 1898
Weighed and Wanting MacDonald, George 1882
Weighed in the Balance: A Novel St. John, James Augustus 1864
Weimar's Trust: A Novel Christian, Mrs. Edward 1873
Weir of Hermiston: An Unfinished Romance Stevenson, Robert Louis 1896
Well Won: A Novel Alexander, Mrs. 1891

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