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Title Author Year
Victa Victrix: or, A Shrug, a Hum, a Ha! Bicknell, Walter Lionel 1885
Victims Gift, Theo 1887
Victims of Fashion: A Novel Grange, Amy Mary 1894
Victor and Vanquished Hay, Mary Cecil 1874
Victor or Victim: or, The Mine of Darley Da... Saunders, John 1883
Victory Deane: A Novel Griffith, Cecil 1866
Vida: A Study of a Girl Smith, Amy M. 1880
Vignettes: Stories Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1896
Vignettes: A Miniature Journal of Whim and ... Crackanthorpe, Hubert Montague 1896
Village Scandal: or, The Gossip's Tale. A P... Jones, Hannah Maria 1835
Village Tales and Jungle Tragedies, etc. Croker, Bithia Mary 1895
Villegagnon: A Tale of the Huguenot Persecu... Kingston, William Henry Giles 1886
Villeroi: or, Religion Founded on Principle... BTAO "The Valley of the Clu... 1835
Villette: A Novel Brontë, Charlotte 1853
Villiers: A Tale of the Last Century Anonymous, 1835
Vince the Rebel: or, The Sanctuary in the Bog Fenn, George Manville 1897
Vincenzo: or, Sunken Rocks Ruffini, Giovanni 1863
Viola Jolly, Emily 1869
Violet: or, The Danseuse. A Portrait of Hum... Beasley, 1836
Violet Bank and Its Inmates Jenkin, Henrietta Camilla 1858
Violet Douglas: or, The Problems of Life Marshall, Emma 1868
Violet Fanshawe: A Novel Collins, Mabel 1884
Violet Jermyn: or, Tender and True Grant, James 1882
Violet Mortimer: A Novel Noble, Frances 1879
Violet Moses Merrick, Leonard 1891
Violet Osborne Ponsonby, Lady Emily 1865
Violet Vaughan: or, The Shadows of Warneford Worboise, Emma Jane 1866
Violet Vyvian, M.F.H.: A Novel Crommelin, May 1889
Violets and Jonquils: A Tale Wilkins, Thomas Henry 1857
Violin and Vendetta: A Venetian Story Quinton, 1891
Violinist of the Quartier Latin: A Novel Curzon, G. 1884
Virginia: A Roman Sketch Duff, Henrietta Anne 1877
Virginia Tennant Towle, Eleanor Ashworth 1888
Virginie: A Tale of a Hundred Years Ago Prinsep, Valentine Cameron 1890
Virginie's Husband: A Novel Stuart, Esmé 1892
Viscount Lacklands: A Tale of Modern Mammon Griffiths, Major Arthur Geo... 1881
Visited on the Children: A Novel Gift, Theo 1881
Vittoria Meredith, George 1866
Viva Bridges, Emily Feake 1878
Vivia, a Journal Dalrymple, Georgina Anne 1854
Vivian of Virginia: Being the Memoirs of Ou... Fuller, Hulbert 1900
Vivian the Beauty Edwards, Annie 1879
Vivienne: A Novel Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1877
Vixen: A Novel Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1879
Voices in the Night Steel, Flora Annie 1900
Vonved the Dane: The Count of Elsinore Hurton, William 1861
Voyages and Travels of Count Funnibos and B... Kingston, William Henry Giles 1880
Voysey Prowse, Richard Orton 1901
Vroni: The Weaver's Heart's Dearest Howard, Blanche Willis 1899
Vyvyans: or, The Murder in the Rue Bellecha... Harvey, Annie Jane 1893
Wacousta: or, The Prophecy. A Tale of the C... Richardson, John 1832
Wages: A Story MacDowall, Anna Dennistoun 1873
Wages: A Novel Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1900
Waifs of the World: or, Adventures Afloat a... Beach, Charles Aubyn 1874
Waihoura: or, The New Zealand Girl Kingston, William Henry Giles 1873
Wait a Year: A Novel Bowra, Henriette 1880
Wait and Hope: A Novel Reade, John Edmund 1859
Wait for the End: A Story Lemon, Mark 1863
Waiting: A Novel Hopkinson, Arabella M. 1881
Waiting for the Prince: A 19th Century Cind... Howard, Lady Constance 1886
Waiting for the Ship Youatt, Elizabeth 1877
Waiting for Tidings Biggs, Elizabeth Ashurst 1874
Waking and Working: or, From Girlhood to Wo... Reaney, Isabel 1874
Waldemar: A Tale Ingemann, Bernhard S. 1841
Waldgrove: or, The Fortunes of Bertram. A T... Anonymous, 1844
Walks and Wanderings in the World of Litera... Grant, James 1839
Wallace: or, The Days of Scotland's Thraldo... Anonymous, 1852
Wallencourt: or, Sons and their Sires Platt, William 1868
Walsingham, the Gamester Chamier, Frederick 1837
Walter Benn, and How He Stepped Out fo the ... Stebbing, Grace 1876
Walter Blake's Heroine Anonymous, 1866
Walter Chetwynd: A Novel Pigott, H. Bouverie 1862
Walter Clayton: A Tale of the Gordon Riots McGauran, 1844
Walter Deverell: A Domestic Tale Booth, Catherine 1838
Walter Evelyn: or, The Long Minority Murray, Eustace Clare Grenv... 1853
Walter Goring Thomas, Annie 1866
Walter Hamilton: A Novel Burdett, Catherine Dorothea 1846
Walter Hurst: or, Early Struggles at the Bar Pelham, Herbert Greville 1854
Walter Langley: or, The Race of Life Savile, Hon. Charles Stuart 1862
Walter Lee: A Story of Marlborough College Green, H. W. 1876
Walter's Escape: or, The Capture of Breda Liefde, Jacob B. de 1870
Walter's Friend: or, Big Boys and Little On... Adams, Henry Cadwallader 1873
Walter's Mistake: or, One Thing at a Time Paull, Susanna Mary 1876
Walter's Word: A Novel Payn, James 1875
Wan Lee, the Pagan and Other Sketches Harte, Bret 1876
Wanda Ouida, 1883
Wandering Fires: A Novel Despard, Charlotte 1874
Wandering Heath: Stories, Studies and Sketc... Quiller-Couch, Arthur Thomas 1895
Wandering Willie: A Romance of the Great Ta... Stewart, Andrew 1887
Wanted a Camel Allen, Phoebe Anne 1888
Wanted a Sphere Bramston, Mary Eliza 1890
Wanted!: A Detective's Strange Adventures Muddock, Joyce Emmerson Pre... 1892
Wanted, a Father: A Novel Savage, Francis 1886
Wanted, a Wife!: A Story of the 60th Dragoo... Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1887
Wanted, an Heir Pirkis, Catherine Louisa 1881
Wanted--a Home Penny, Anne Judith 1864
Wappermouth: A Novel Hickman, William Theodore 1879
Wapping Old Stairs Marshall, Frances L. 1895
War Times: or, The Lads of Craigross Keddie, Henrietta 1893
War--and Arcadia Mitford, Bertram 1901

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