The Curran Index



by Eileen M. Curran*

Of course most of us are delighted to clear up a Wellesley Index mystery or to fill in a Wellesley blank, and usually we want to share our discoveries. However, how often does someone interested in the same mystery or blank find what we have tried to share? The new information is scattered in bits here and there; even bibliographies of Victorian periodicals studies sometimes neglect to mention these articles. An online format, by contrast, can bring all of this information together in a way that can be readily accessed and easily searched.

What follows is both an index to emendations of the Wellesley Index that have appeared in print between 1989 and 2003, and a continuation of those additions and corrections, published here for the first time. I have also included some attributions and other information concerning periodicals that were not originally covered by the Wellesley Index, and welcome information from other scholars about these.

It is arranged alphabetically by periodical title, not in the order of Wellesley volumes, but with a final section of additions and corrections to specific volumes, particularly to the cumulative listing of contributors that makes up volume 5. (I have not included under vol. 5 all changes made in the previous pages, hoping that the search/find function makes some repetitions unnecessary in this on-line format.) I have, I hope, found all additions/corrections published in Victorian Periodicals Newsletter / Review (VPN / VPR) but realize how inadequate are my gleanings from other sources: a few, for example, from N&Q, Studies in Scottish Literature (SSL), The Long Room.

Each successive batch of new additions and corrections – some of them the result of my own research, others generously contributed by fellow scholars – is integrated into the index, with the edition date (e.g., “12/04”) appearing in brackets at the end of each entry. Readers wishing to see only the new entries can access each new edition separately, below, either for viewing online or, for easy printing, as a Word document.

I would appreciate receiving information about any published items missed here, and of course welcome hearing from other scholars about their discoveries regarding hitherto unidentified, or misidentified, contributors to Victorian periodicals.

Eileen M. Curran 
Professor emerita, Colby College

*Professor Curran died on April 22, 2013, at the age of 85. (An announcement, with a short tribute, can be found here.)