At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: Cassell's Family Magazine

Periodical: Cassell's Family Magazine

History: Published monthly, price 7d. Continues Cassell's Magazine.

References: Ashley; DNCJ; Sutherland; Sue Thomas, Indexes to Fiction in Cassell's Family Magazine, later Cassell's Magazine (1874-1910) (University of Queensland, 1987)

Novels and short stories serialized in Cassell's Family Magazine:

  1. Theo Gift. Pretty Miss Bellew. December 1874 to November 1875 (monthly). (Not finished).
  2. Isabella Banks. The Manchester Man. February 1875 to December 1875 (monthly).
  3. Henry Frith. "My Balloon Adventure." Through Flood--Through Fire. October 1875.
  4. Henry Frith. "The Jet-Hunter's Story." Through Flood--Through Fire. November 1875.
  5. John Berwick Harwood. Paul Knox, Pitman. December 1876 to November 1877 (monthly).
  6. Frances E. M. Notley. Cordelia. December 1877 to November 1878 (monthly).
  7. Isabella Banks. "Old Elspa." Sybilla, and Other Stories. December 1878.
  8. John Berwick Harwood. The Tenth Earl. December 1878 to November 1879 (monthly).
  9. Frederic Edward Weatherly. Oxford Days. December 1878 to July 1879 (monthly).
  10. Arabella Maud Hopkinson. Waiting. December 1880 to November 1881 (monthly).
  11. John Berwick Harwood. "Ralph Raeburn's Trusteeship." Ralph Raeburn, and other tales. December 1881 to May 1882 (monthly).
  12. Arabella Maud Hopkinson. Pardoned. December 1882 to November 1883 (monthly).
  13. Frank Barrett. John Ford. June 1884 to November 1884 (monthly).
  14. Alice O'Hanlon. A Diamond in the Rough. December 1884 to November 1885 (monthly).
  15. Arabella Maud Hopkinson. Sweet Christabel. December 1884 to May 1885 (monthly).
  16. Alice Price. A Wilful Young Woman. December 1885 to November 1886 (monthly).
  17. Evelyn Ward Everett Green. Monica. December 1887 to July 1888 (monthly).
  18. Frank Barrett. Under a Strange Mask. December 1888 to May 1889 (monthly).
  19. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade. Engaged to be Married. December 1888 to May 1889 (monthly).
  20. Elizabeth Neal. The Wooing of Christabel. September 1890 to December 1890 (monthly).
  21. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade. The Voice of the Charmer. December 1894 to November 1895 (monthly).
  22. Max Pemberton. "Yerut the Dwarf." Queen of the Jesters, and Her Strange Adventures in Paris. June 1897.
  23. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade. A Master of Mysteries. June 1897 to November 1897 (monthly).
  24. Robert W. Chambers. A Gay Conspiracy. December 1899 to May 1900 (monthly).
  25. Rudyard Kipling. Kim. December 1900 to November 1901 (monthly).