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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Publisher: W. P. Nimmo in 1872

Titles published by W. P. Nimmo in the year 1872:

  1. Anonymous.  The Magic Glass: or, The Secret of Happiness.  1 vol.
  2. Anonymous.  Perilous Adventures of a French Soldier in Algeria.  1 vol.
  3. Charles Bruce.  Lame Felix: A Book for Boys, Full of Proverb and Story.  1 vol.
  4. Charles Bruce.  Twyford Hall: or, Rosa's Christmas Dinner, and What She Did with It.  1 vol.
  5. BTAO "Mat and Sofie".  Fred Graham's Resolve.  1 vol.
  6. Janet Gordon.  Jacqueline: A Story of the Reformation in Holland.  1 vol.
  7. Mrs. Henderson.  Asriel: or, The Crystal Cup. A Tale for the Young.  1 vol.
  8. Ascott R. Hope.  Master John Bull: A Holiday Book for Parents and Schoolmasters.  1 vol.
  9. Ascott R. Hope.  George's Enemies: A Sequel to "My Schoolboy Friends".  1 vol.
  10. Meredith Jones.  The Discontented Weathercock, and Other Stories for Children.  1 vol.
  11. Harold Lincoln.  The Sea and the Savages: A Story of Adventure.  1 vol.
  12. Katharine E. May.  Hawks' Dene: A Tale for Children.  1 vol.
  13. Katharine E. May.  Percy and Ida: A Story for Children.  1 vol.
  14. Mrs. Alexander S. Orr.  The Twins of Saint-Marcel: A Tale of Paris Incendié.  1 vol.
  15. Ellen Palmer.  Nonna: A Story of the Days of Julian the Apostate.  1 vol.
  16. Matilda Mary Pollard.  The Miner's Son and Margaret Vernon.  1 vol.
  17. Matilda Mary Pollard.  The Old Farm House: or, Alice Morton's Home and Other Stories.  1 vol.
  18. Matilda Mary Pollard.  The Brother's Legacy: or, Better than Gold.  1 vol.
  19. Matilda Mary Pollard.  The Two Sisters.  1 vol.
  20. Matilda Mary Pollard.  The Minister's Daughter: and, Old Anthony's Will. Tales for the Young.  1 vol.
  21. Two Authors.  Out at Sea, and Other Stories.  1 vol.
  22. Frederic Edward Weatherly.  Wilton School: or, Harry Campbell's Revenge. A Tale.  1 vol.