Title: The Ring o' Bells

Author and Title: George Robert Sims. The Ring o' Bells

First Edition: London: Chatto and Windus, 1886. 1 volume, 12mo., 2s. 6d.

Summary: Contains the stories "The Ring o' Bells," "The Doll's Secret," "Frank Redgrave's Wife," "Told in the Tunnel," "The Mounted Patrol," "An Order for the Play," "The Handsome Fisherman," "Christmas Day in the Coal Cellar," "Betsy Botherem," "The Author's Ghost," "The Fatal Sneeze," "A Promising Dramatist," "Uncle Joan," "Snap on Tour," "Church and Stage," "Ha! Ha!," "Details," and "Sunday's Dinner."

References: BL; EC


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