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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Title: High Spirits, Being Certain Stories Written in Them

Author and Title: James Payn. High Spirits, Being Certain Stories Written in Them

First Edition: London: Chatto and Windus, 1879. 3 volumes, cr. 8vo, 31s. 6d.


  • "The Cruise of the Anti-Torpedo", Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, 9 September 1871 to 23 September 1871 (weekly)
  • "The G.B.C.--A Tale of a Telegram", Belgravia, September 1876
  • "Tasbrook's Testimonial", Belgravia, October 1876
  • "An Aunt by Marriage", Belgravia, November 1876
  • "The Confiscated Weeds", Belgravia, December 1876, Christmas Annual
  • "Finding his Level", Belgravia, January 1877
  • "An Office Secret", Belgravia, February 1877
  • "The Lord of Harpington", Belgravia, April 1877
  • "A Chronological Error", Belgravia, June 1877, Holiday Number
  • "The Fatal Curiosity; or, A Hundred Years Hence", Belgravia, December 1877, Christmas Annual
  • "Patient Kitty", Belgravia, June 1878
  • "An Easter Holiday", Belgravia, June 1878, Holiday Number
  • "My First Recordership", Belgravia, July 1878
  • "A Change of Views", Belgravia, August 1878
  • "A Mayfair Mystery", Belgravia, September 1878
  • "Simpson of Bussora", Belgravia, October 1878
  • "Number Forty-Seven", Gentleman's Magazine, December 1878
  • "A Medieval Mistake", Belgravia, December 1878, Christmas Annual
  • "Some Tales of White Elephants", Belgravia, January 1879
  • "An Adventure in a Forest", Belgravia, February 1879
  • "Captain Cole's Passenger", Belgravia, April 1879
  • "An Unrequited Attachment", Belgravia, May 1879
  • "An Independent Opinion", Belgravia, June 1879
  • "A Town Vengeance", Belgravia, July 1879
  • "The Transfused Transformed--A Tale of Blood", Belgravia, August 1879
  • "A Very Quiet Rubber", Belgravia, September 1879
  • "A Modern Delilah", Belgravia, October 1879

Summary: Collection of stories.

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