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Title Author Year
Belling the Cat Gerturde Knoop 1899
The Bells of Freiburg: A Christmas Tale Wilhelmina Martha James 1880
The Bells of St. Paul's Walter Besant 1889
Below Bridge Richard Dowling 1895
Below the Salt: A Novel Emma Caroline Wood 1876
Below the Salt Elizabeth Robins 1896
Below the Surface: A Story of English Country Life Sir Arthur Hallam Elton 1857
The Belstone: A Novel John Austin Lake Gloag 1881
The Belton Estate Anthony Trollope 1866
The Belton Scholarship: A Chapter from the Life of George Denton Richard Marsh 1882
The Belvidere: or, The Warning Maiden William Dwarris 1889
Ben an' the' Bantam: A Sequel to "Besom Ben" Edwin Waugh 1866
Ben Brace, the Last of Nelson's Agamemnons Frederick Chamier 1836
Ben Bradshawe: The Man Without a Head Frederick Chamier 1843
Ben Burton: or, Born and Bred at Sea William Henry Giles Kingston 1872
Ben Clough and Other Stories William Bury Westall 1892
Ben Cramer: Working Jeweller. A Tale for Boys and Girls Stella Austin 1879
Ben D'Ymion and Other Parodies Horace Frank Lester 1887
Ben Hanson: A Story of George Watson's College Jessie Margaret Edmonston Saxby 1884
Ben Howard Test Florence Moore 1899
Ben Milner's Wooing Harriet Parr 1876
Ben Sylvester's Word Charlotte Mary Yonge 1856
Ben Wentworth's Revenge M. F. 1868
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ Lewis Wallace 1881
Benaiah: A Tale of the Captivity Annie Webb 1865
The Bend of the Road Seumas James MacManus 1898
Beneath the Surface: A Story of Trust and Trial Henrietta Keddie 1894
Beneath the Wave: A Novel Dora Russell 1878
Beneath the Wheels: A Romance Frances E. M. Notley 1870
Beneath Your Very Boots: Being a Few Striking Episodes from the Life... Charles John Cutcliffe Hyne 1889
Benedicta Jane Josephine Phillips 1878
Benedictus Emily Marion Harris 1887
The Benefactress Elizabeth von Arnim 1901
Benefits Forgot: A Novel Charles Wolcott Balestier 1893
Bengala: or, Some Time Ago. A Tale Mary Theresa Vidal 1860
Bennie: The King's Little Servant Louise Marston 1882
Benoni Blake, M.D.: Surgeon at Glenaldie Malcolm McLennan 1871
Bent on Conquest Edith Maud Nicholson 1892
Bent, not Broken: A Tale George Manville Fenn 1867
Bentinck's Tutor, One of the Family: A Novel James Payn 1868
Bentley Priory Mrs. Hastings Parker 1859
Benvenuta: or, Rainbow Colours Emma Marshall 1882
Beppo the Conscript: A Novel Thomas Adolphus Trollope 1864
Bequeathed Beatrice Whitby 1900
The Berber: or, The Mountaineer of the Atlas. A Tale of Morocco William Starbuck Mayo 1850
Beric the Briton: A Story of the Roman Invasion George Alfred Henty 1893
Berkeley Castle: An Historical Romance Hon. Grantley F. Berkeley 1836
The Berkshire Lady: A Romance Katharine Sarah Macquoid 1879
Berna Boyle: A Love Story of Devon Charlotte Elizabeth Riddell 1884
Bernard and Marcia: A Story of Middle Age Elizabeth Glaister 1888
Bernard Hamilton, Curate of Stowe Mary Elizabeth Shipley 1880
Bernard Kendal's Fortune Ruth Lamb 1883
Bernard Leslie: or, A Tale of the Last Ten Years William Gresley 1842
Bernard Marsh: A Novel G. P. R. James 1864
Bernard or Ben? Jennie Chappell 1901
Bernicia Amelia E. Barr 1896
Berris Katharine Sarah Macquoid 1893
Bert Lloyd's Boyhood: A Story from Nova Scotia James Macdonald Oxley 1892
Bertha: A Romance of the Dark Ages William Bernard MacCabe 1851
Bertha Darley: or, Life in her Husband's Curacies Mrs. Charles Henry Burton 1858
Bertha Frankland: or, Maternal Influence Fanny Lonsdale 1869
Bertha's Earl Lady Caroline Blanche Elizabeth Lindsay 1891
Bertha's Repentance: A Tale John Frazer Corkran 1863
Bertie Bray Annie Thomas 1864
Bertie Clifton: or, Paul's Little Schoolfellow Evelyn Ward Everett Green 1891
Bertie Danby's Training Emma Leslie 1890
Bertie Lee: or, The Doorway of Life. A Boy's Book BTAO "Bertie Lee" 1862
Bertie's Birthday Present: or, Patience Rewarded Sophia Tandy 1869
The Bertram Family Elizabeth Rundle Charles 1876
Bertram Noel: A Story of Youth Emily Juliana May 1858
Bertram Pelham Fane: A Novel Matteo Brandt 1868
The Bertrams: A Novel Anthony Trollope 1859
Beryl and Pearl Agnes Giberne 1884
Beryl Fortescue Lady Duffus Hardy 1881
Beside Still Waters: A Novel William Mackay 1885
Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush Ian Maclaren 1894
Beside the Guns Mary Elizabeth Shipley 1897
Beside the River: A Tale Katharine Sarah Macquoid 1881
The Besieged City, and the Heroes of Sweden Mrs. Campbell Overend 1872
Besom Ben Edwin Waugh 1865
Bess: The Story of a Waif Annie S. Swan 1880
Bessie Julia Kavanagh 1872
Bessie Edith Elisa Cowper 1900
Bessie Among the Mountains: NA Joanna H. Mathews 1869
Bessie and Her Friends: A Sequel to Maggie and Bessie Joanna H. Mathews 1869
Bessie at School: NA Joanna H. Mathews 1869
Bessie at the Sea-side: NA Joanna H. Mathews 1868
Bessie Brown and Her First Service: A Tale Jane M. Kippen 1874
Bessie Field: A Cottage Story Charlotte Grace O'Brien 1864
Bessie Gordon's Story Maggie Symington 1874
Bessie Lang Alice Corkran 1876
Bessie on Her Travels: NA Joanna H. Mathews 1871
Bessie's Ministry Alice Jane Briggs 1898
Bessy Rane: A Novel Ellen Wood 1870
Bessy Wells Ellen Wood 1875
Best for Her: A Novel Annie Thomas 1882
The Best of her Sex: A Novel Fergus Hume 1894
The Best of Husbands James Payn 1874
Beta: A Novel Mrs. Bourne 1890
The Beth Book: A Study from the Life of Elizabeth Caldwell Maclure, ... Sarah Grand 1897
Bethesda Barbara Elbon 1884
The Betrayal of John Fordham Benjamin Leopold Farjeon 1896
Betrayed Dora Russell 1885
The Betrothal of James Charles Hannan 1898
The Betrothed Lovers: A Milanese Story of the Seventeenth Century Alessandro Manzoni 1845
The Bettaley Jewels E. M. C. Balfour Browne 1901
Better Days: A Tale Reginald Neale Shutte 1861
Better Dead J. M. Barrie 1888
Better Late than Never Emma Marshall 1898
The Better Man Arthur Paterson 1890
Better Never than Late and Other Stories Barbarina Charlotte Grey 1883
The Better Part: A Story Annie S. Swan 1884
A Better Patrimony than Gold: "It is only a pin." A Tale for Youth Charles Martel 1863
The Better Sort Henry James 1903
Better Than Gold Sarah Anne Jeffreys 1873
Better than Rubies: Stories for the Young Illustrative of Familiar P... Anonymous 1870
The Better Way: or, What do I Live For? Randall Hunter Ballantyne 1858
Bettina May Crommelin 1900
Betty: A Sketch Anonymous 1880
Betty Musgrave Mary Williamina Findlater 1899
Betty Westminster: or, The Worship of Wealth. A Novel William Platt 1859
Betty's Vision and Mrs. Smith of Longmains Rhoda Broughton 1886
Between Life and Death: A Novel Frank Barrett 1890
Between Man and Wife: A Novel E. M. Davy 1887
Between Midnight and Dawn Georgina Drewry 1885
Between Sun and Sand: A Tale of an African Desert William Charles Scully 1898
Between the Acts: A Novel C. H. D. Stocker 1884
Between the Cliffs: or, Hal Forrester's Anchor Emma Marshall 1873
Between the Devil and the Deep Sea Stella M. Düring 1898
Between the Heather and the Northern Sea Mary Jane Linskill 1884
Between the Lines: A Detective Story Burford Delannoy 1901
Between the Lines Walter Herries Pollock 1891
Between the Silences and Other Stories Susan Rowley Richmond Lee 1894
Between Two Fires Iza Duffus Hardy 1873
Between Two Fires: A Story of the Boer War Harry Golding 1900
Between Two Loves: A Novel Robert Jones Griffiths 1872
Between Two Loves: A Tale of the West Riding Amelia E. Barr 1886
Between Two Opinions Algernon Gissing 1893
Between Two Opinions M. E. Palgrave 1900
Between Two Wives: or, A Doctor's Dilemma William Turville 1898
Betwixt my Love and Me Eleanor Ashworth Towle 1885
Betwixt Two Lovers Gawin William Rowan Hamilton 1891
Beulah Augusta Jane Evans 1860
Beverley Priory, with Rescues from Lucknow: A Tale Anonymous 1859
Bevis: The Story of a Boy Richard Jefferies 1882
Beware!: A Voice from Shadowland Douglas Dalton 1887
Bewitched: A Love Story Emily Bennett 1895
The Bewitched Lamp Mary Louisa Molesworth 1891
Beyminstre Ellen Wallace 1856
Beyond Atonement: A Story of London Life Arthur St. John Adcock 1896

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