At the Circulating Library Author Information: Percy Bolingbroke St. John

Author: Percy Bolingbroke St. John (1821–1889)

Biography: Journalist. Son of James Augustus St. John. See entry in DNB or Sutherland.


References: DNB; DNCJ; Sutherland

Fiction Titles:

  1. The Enchanted Rock: A Comanche Legend.  1 vol.  London: Hayward and Adam, 1846.
  2. The Fireside: A Domestic Tale.  1 vol.  London: H. K. Lewis, 1847.
  3. Paul Peabody: or, The Apprentice of the World.  1 vol.  London: John Maxwell, 1865.
  4. The Snow Ship: The Adventures of Canadian Emigrants.  1 vol.  London: David Bryce, 1867.
  5. The Young Buccaneer.  1 vol.  London: C. H. Clarke, 1873.
  6. The Blue Dwarf: A Tale of Love, Mystery, and Crime.  3 vol.  : [None], 1885.