At the Circulating Library Author Information: Alice Ada Clowes

Author: Alice Ada Clowes (1845–1930)

Biography: Alice Ada Clowes was born in 1845 in Highgate. Her father was George Clowes, the son and partner of the printer William Clowes. Her mother was Mary Charlotte Knight, the eldest daughter of publisher Charles Knight. She wrote one novel, Sunshine and Shade (1868), and edited another, A Romance of Acadia Two Centuries Ago (1874) by her grandfather. In addition, Clowes wrote a memoir of her famous grandfather, Charles Knight: A Sketch (1892). She never married and died in 1930.

References: British Census (1881); DNB (Charles Knight); Times (5 November 1930)

Fiction Titles:

  1. Sunshine and Shade: A Novel.  2 vol.  London: Bentley, 1868.