At the Circulating Library Author Information: Anne Jane Cupples

Author: Anne Jane Cupples (birth and death dates unknown)

Fiction Titles:

  1. Bill Marlin's Tales of the Sea.  1 vol.  Edinburgh: Johnstone, Hunter, and Co., 1867.
  2. Unexpected Pleasures: or, Left Alone in the Holidays.  1 vol.  Edinburgh: W. P. Nimmo, 1868.
  3. Norrie Seton: or, Driven to Sea.  1 vol.  Edinburgh: W. P. Nimmo, 1869.
  4. Grandpapa's Presents: or, Take Heed Will Surely Speed.  1 vol.  Edinburgh: Nelson and Sons, 1871.
  5. The Story of Our Doll.  1 vol.  Edinburgh: Nelson and Sons, 1871.